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10 Beautiful plants to attract wild birds to your garden

Sometimes having a beautiful garden is not enough. You may want to bring songs, life, and joy to your garden. The best way to do some is to attract birds to your garden. They will make your garden more beautiful and they will bring color and life with them. However, not all plants can attract birds. There are few plants that provide an adequate environment for birds to settle. In this article, I will display the best plants to attract wild birds to your garden.

1. Sunflower

best plants to attract wild birds-sunflower

This beautiful flower is nicknamed the king of seed flowers. It is a low maintenance flower that does not much attention to grow and thrive. It only requires a sunny spot in your garden. Besides attracting birds to your garden, this decorative flower will give your garden a stunning golden view.

2. Coneflower


Coneflower is an amazing plant that comes in purple and pink. This plant produces bristly seeds that birds and butterflies love. Those seeds are birds’ favorite food. Additionally, these flowers are characterized by their unique long-lasting bloom that will definitely grab your eye.

3. Cornflower


This remarkable purple flower is one of the best plants to attract wild birds to your garden. Growing this plant is a beneficial investment in your garden. First, it is a drought tolerant sturdy plant that will not require your constant care. Second, they bloom for the whole summer providing a spectacular view of your garden. Finally, they are the best plants to attract goldfinches.

4. Black-eyed Susan

black eyed susans and birds

Black-eyed Susans, scientifically known as Rudbeckia hirta, are popular flowers that originate from North America. They are extremely attractive and alluring. They are distinguished by their shining yellow beauty. These flowers usually bloom from June to October attracting many varieties of birds. As a matter of fact, alongside coneflowers, they are one of the most favorite seed-bearers flowers to birds.

5. Daisy

Bellis perennis birds

Bellis Perennis, commonly known as Daisy, is one of the most beautiful flowers on earth. It has an elegant delicate appearance that made it one of the most popular flowers for garden decoration. If you want to decorate your garden, check out these amazing decorative ideas.

Besides, this evergreen is an edible plant that is widely used for medicines. Growing this wonderful flower in your garden will make it full of birds. Birds will start migrating to your garden to feed on this flower. It develops nutritious seeds that are vital for birds in winter.

6. Aster

ASTER flower birds

Aster flowers are very colorful flowers that bloom during the fall in different colors such as purple, pink, blue, and white. There are a lot of varieties of Aster and all of them are ideal to attract wild birds as they contain a large amount of nectar.

They are an excellent choice to add colors to your garden and attract some singing birds. They will keep your garden flowered and colorful in winter when many of your other summer-blooming plants start to fade. It is definitely a perfect choice for attracting wildlife and having a beautiful bloom.

7. Marigold


This beautiful golden flower blooms all summer long. It adds brightness to your garden. They are one of the easiest plants to grow. They only require warmth to thrive and bloom. Although marigold is mainly used for ornamental purposes, it has great health benefits.

This charming flower is edible for humans and birds. As a matter of fact, the seeds of this amazing plant are one of the healthiest foods to birds. Some variety of birds does not only eat the seeds, but they also eat the whole orange blooms.



Virginia Creeper is one of the best vine plants to attract wild birds. It is known to be an extremely tough plant that can endure neglect, abuse, and any soil quality. Virginia Creeper is mainly grown to add charm to houses. However, although it has a notorious reputation of being poisonous, this vine plants will undoubtedly attract many birds to your garden. Indeed, the seeds of this plant are major food sources for many birds in winter.


bird eating elderberry

Sambucus Canadensis or elderberry is a famous flower in medicinal uses especially in treating flu and cold. However, be careful, this plant is poisonous if it is digested directly by humans. Fortunately, it is not the case for birds. Many bird species love elderberry. For them, it is delicious healthy food. Thus, planting elderberry will provide you with a highly beneficial plant to use as a medicine for many diseases as well as it will attract a variety of birds to your gardens such as brown thrashers and red-eyed vireos.



This is an extremely decorative plant. It is distinguished by its unique appearance. It produces beautiful fruit clusters and attractive autumn foliage that will make your garden absolutely ravishing in winter and autumn. It is one of the best plants that attract wide birds since it provides food and shelter to them in harsh winter. It is popular for robins, thrushes, catbirds, cardinals, chickadees, and starlings.

These are the best plants to attract wild birds. They are also extremely ornamental plants for your garden. You could grow these plants directly in your garden or in a container. Either way, you will have many birds singing for you every morning.

Enjoy attracting birds to your garden.


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