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How to Save a Dying Jade Plant? 10 Problems & Solutions for Crassula Ovata

When you understand all of Crassula ovata’s problems, maintenance becomes a breeze. Here is a comprehensive look at what you may do to revive a wilting jade plant.


1. Soft Yellow or Brown Leaves

Problem: Leaves that are yellow, brown, or translucent (watery) and look soft and droopy, with brown spots.

Causes: Overwatering, slow-draining soil, and a lack of drainage holes in the container. The plant’s leaves turn yellow and mushy as a result of the excess moisture, which can lead to root rot and ultimately its death.

Solution: Jade plants are native to dry areas with sporadic rainfall and sandy soil that doesn’t hold too much water.

You can avoid such problems by recreating the native circumstances of the jade plant.
If you want your plants to thrive, choose loamy soil and give it plenty of time to dry out in between waterings.

Check for drainage holes in the pot.

Reduce watering throughout the winter months when the growth rate slows.


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