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10 Fascinating shade-loving plants to decorate your indoors

We all have those dark empty corners in our houses that we want to decorate. However, since the light does not reach those corners, it is hard to find remarkable eye-grabbing decorations for them. Therefore, adding shade-loving plants may be exactly what you need to make a dark empty corner a bright and vibrant place. In this article, we will display 10 of the most fascinating shade-loving plants. These plants will not only brighten up the dark corners of your house but they will also make your house more appealing and attractive. Scroll down and take a look at these beauties.

1. Orchids

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Orchids are very decorative plants. They have an exceptional shape and an amazing flower. Orchids come in different colors. They are very popular houseplants and they are an excellent decorative choice for shady corners in your house.

However, orchids can’t level in complete darkness. They require indirect sunlight exposure. Thus, it is best to place them in on a window sill or in a room with a window. They also don’t mind company, you can place other plants next to them.

2. Flame violet

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Flame violets are one of the best plants to grow in pots. Thus, they are commonly used as houseplants. Flame violets are very ornamental. They will bring beauty to any room in your house. If you don’t have any experience dealing with plants, you should opt for flame violets because they are extremely low maintenance.

3. Peace lily

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Peace lilies are one of the most common shade-loving plants. They are called peace lilies because, unlike common lilies, they are not poisonous. They are one of the most popular houseplants because it is safe to keep your children and pets around them as well as they are easy to grow.

4. Lady palm

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Rhapis excelsa, also known as fun palm, is a sturdy plant that can grow in shady and partially shady spots. They are known to be decorative houseplants. Due to its unique form, they are an excellent eye-catching decoration. Their dark and rich green leaves make it one of the most attractive houseplants.

5. Clivia


Clivia miniata, simply known as the Clivia, is a popular houseplant that has extremely beautiful dark green leaves. Clivia is famous for its exceptional flowers that come in different colors including orange, red, cream and yellow. Clivia is ideal for indoor decoration since it thrives in shade.

6. Camellia


Camillias are excellent houseplants. Besides being very decorative, they are also tough plants. They can grow in shades and in partial shades. They don’t require much attention and care. In brief, they are the perfect decoration if you don’t want to spend time caring for a plant.

7. Philodendron

Philodendron in a pot

Philodendron is a beautiful plant. It has a distinguishing big leafs. Most people grow it for its leaves. They are very charming and eye-grabbing. Although philodendron is a low maintenance plant, it requires attention when it comes to watering. This plant should be watered every month on regular basis.

8. Baltic ivy

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Baltic ivy is one of the most alluring shade-loving plants. This gorgeous plant will adorn any corner in any room of your house beautifully. This adorable decorative plant is toxic. Therefore, make sure that you keep it in a spot that is hard for your kids and pests to reach.

9. Snake plant

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Snake plants or mother-in-law’s tongue, are members of the succulent family. Just like the rest of the family, they are good looking and ornamental. Snake plants are known to be among the best air purifying plants. They are also tough plants. They can tolerate a variety of harsh condition such as neglect, drought and most of all darkness. These plants grow in both shady and sunny spots.

10. Ferns


Because it is known as an outdoor plant, most people don’t know that ferns grow in shades. Ferns is a tough plant and can tolerate sunlight, darkness, and neglect. It also makes a very beautiful and decorative houseplant. In fact, Ferns is a safe choice. This adorable plant will survive for years adorning your place without requiring much of your time and attention.

These are the most fascinating shade-loving plants. All these plants are inexpensive, low maintenance and most importantly highly decorative. Growing one of these plants will be a piece of cake. Thus, they are the ultimate best choice to decorate dark corners in your place.



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