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Top 10 Tiny Bugs in Your House & How to Get Rid of Them

Every living thing, including insects, deserves a decent home on this planet. However, no one would ever want that in their own house. We may not welcome them, but bugs and other critters often find their way inside our homes. But we don’t have to invite or allow bugs to stay.

Here, you’ll find out how to get rid of some of the most common household pests.


1. Stink bugs

In warm weather, stinkbugs thrive and multiply outside; in cooler weather, they seek refuge inside. Don’t swat or squash shield bugs if you see them in your home. When agitated, stinkbugs give off a putrid odor that serves only to draw more of the insects. Attempt to get rid of the insects by vacuuming the area. The only catch is that you’ll need to take the vacuum bag outside to dump it when you’re done.


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