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10 Of The Best Houseplant Cleaning Tips

Want to know the most trusted ways for keeping your indoor plants’ foliage attractive and healthy? Learn 10 Basic Tips to Clean Your Houseplants!

Dusty indoor plants not only look unattractive and hide the show of colorful foliage, but they also hinder the plant’s ability to photosynthesize. Here are some of the important Basic Tips to Clean Your Houseplants to ensure they look at their best and remain healthy all the time!


1. The Right Time

Houseplants accumulate dirt over leaves, especially if you have kept them by a window or a door. If you live in a polluted area, your plants suffer from frequent dusty covers.

You can track your houseplant’s dusting needs by rubbing your fingers on the plant foliage every 5-8 days to see whether they need cleaning or not. It is necessary if you want to improve the photosynthesis rate of your houseplants!

10 Of The Best Houseplant Cleaning Tips

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