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10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Own Rabbits

When considering which animals to keep, rabbits typically aren’t even considered. But there are plenty of good reasons to raise rabbits as a livestock option.

Rabbits are a versatile addition to any small farm, whether you’re an experienced farmer or just starting out. In addition to covering their own costs, rabbits can be a source of additional revenue for the hardworking owner.

Let’s take a look at why rabbits are such a popular pets in so many households.


1. Rabbits are one of the most manageable farm animals

Rabbits are the ideal livestock for a small farmer, a person with mobility challenges, or an elderly homesteader who plans to stay in their house for the foreseeable future. You won’t have to worry about getting kicked by a hoofed animal or trying to control one that’s as big as you are when working with rabbits. There is no effort required while handling a rabbit.

Even better, almost everything you’ll need to grow rabbits is lightweight and easy to transport. There are no hefty feed bags to lug around or huge bails of hay to toss around. If you decide to graze your rabbits, their cages will not weigh you down, and the rabbit tractors will be a breeze to use.


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