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10 Things No One Tells You about Chicken Raising

If you’re thinking about keeping chickens as pets or for food, you should know that there are many things no one ever discusses.

Things nobody tells you before you dive headfirst into chicken farming. Some of these chicken-related facts could shock, amuse, or even distress you. Most importantly, they’ll help you learn the ropes before you dive into the rewarding world of avian husbandry.


1. Every chicken has an own personality

And much like dogs, the personalities of individual chickens can vary widely within a given breed.

While some fowl are timid and fearful, others are gregarious and dependent.

There are certain hens who are so affectionate that they need constant attention from humans. It would be impossible to apprehend some of these people even if your life relied on them.

Uniqueness and individuality characterize each and every one of the chickens. When you first meet someone, you don’t give it much thought.

Every chicken has its own personality

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