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2018’s Trendiest 100 DIY planter ideas that will inspire you

Beautiful planters are essential to make your small garden and plants look beautiful. Therefore, if you are planning on having a small decorative garden indoors or outdoor, you should definitely choose an attractive and appealing planter. In this article, we have compiled 2018’s most beautiful and decorative 100 DIY planter ideas. Scroll down and check them out.

  1. Disco Ball Planter

This is one of the most creative DIY planter ideas. Transforming a disco ball into a decorative planter will allow you to have an alluring small garden that looks electrifying and exciting. You can find the tutorial for this project here.

2. Pretty Lace Flower Pots

Cover your pots with laces and you will have beautiful appealing planters. For more information about this idea, take a look at this post.

3. A tree stump Planter

Image result for tree stump planter


Tree logs are perfect planters. They look exotic and rustic but they are very decorative. They blend in well with any plants creative a pleasant view. We found the idea here.

4. Broken pots DIY planter ideas

Don’t throw away broken pots but rather turn them into fairy gardens. The instructions for this DIY project are here.

5. DIY Crystal Planters

Crystals make gorgeous planters. They are an excellent decorative choice. Find out more about this project here.

6. DIY Pot Makeover

This is one of simplest DIY planter ideas. Coloring your planters is a nice touch to make them look appealing. This idea will allow you to have colorful decorative planters. If you want inspiration, check out this post.

7. Tower planter

Image result for Tower planter


This DIY planter idea is perfect for both indoor and outdoor decoration. Besides, it is quite easy. All you need to do is to create a hierarchy of pots. You can find more details here.

8. Book planter

It is quite simple yet it is quite unique and exceptional idea too. Transforming old books into planters is one of the best DIY planter ideas. The Apartment Therapy has a detailed guide for this project.

9. Rope Wrapped Planter

Image result for Rope Wrapped Planter


This is one of the most ornamental DIY planter ideas. This planter looks fascinating and it will bring an earthy ambiance to your house. Find out how to make it here.

10. Tea Can Planter

If you have empty tea cans, you should make use of them by transforming them into planters. It is easy, beautiful and most of all quite cost-effective. All the information you need about this project is available here.

11. Fabric Pots

You can over your old boring pots with a beautiful fabric to make them look fresh, new and appealing. This idea will help you have extremely ornamental planters. Find out more about this DIY here.

12. Barrel Planter

Barrels are excellent outdoor planters. It is true they are classic but they will add a nice and quite remarkable vintage look to your outdoor. Learn more about this idea here.

13. Wooden boxes DIY planter ideas

Wooden boxes are one of the most common materials for creating planters. They are inexpensive, decorative and above all easy to make. The Spruce will provide you with all the information you need.

14. The Rocky Bucket

Image result for Rocky Bucket planter


You can easily transform any pot to this absolutely ravishing planter. All you need is some gems, pebbles or rocks. Visit The Censation Girl for more information.

15. Kintsugi DIY planter ideas

These amazing kintsugi planters are made of broken ceramics. This a creative recycling project. You can learn more about it here.

16. Gilded Pots

This is one of most fabulous DIY planter ideas. It is easy to duplicate and it will bring so much beauty to your indoors. Just follow these steps and you will have these gorgeous planters in no time.

17.  Birdcage Planter

Although this is one of the oldest DIY planter ideas, it remains very trendy mainly because it is easy, inexpensive and very decorative. Making a birdcage planter is an easy task, just follow these instructions. 

18. Cement Planters

Image result for Cement Planters


Cement planters are one of the most popular DIY planter ideas. They are beautiful, small and most of all they are very sturdy, they will last for years. Learn more about them here.

19. Mosaic planter

These are amazing planters. They are very artistic. You can use them both outdoor and indoors. If you want more details about this lovely DIY project, you can find them here.

20. Tin Can DIY Planter ideas

This is totally an unusual idea. It is quite common to see tin cans transformed into planters but it is not that common to see crushed tin cans used as planters. They definitely don’t look bad. We found this idea here.

21. Faceted Gem planters

This is one of the most decorative DIY planter ideas. These planters are wonderful. They will add beauty and nature to any room. Learn how to make them here.

22. A Typewriter Planter

Although this is not among the trendiest DIY planter ideas, it made it to the list because it is totally off the grid. It demonstrated that any material that can hold soil is ideal to use as a planter.

23. Pram Planter

This planter is an artwork. It is unique and exceptional in every aspect. It is also extremely eye-grabbing. It will give your place a beautiful vintage look. Here are the instructions for this wonderful DIY project.

24. Gold Leaf Terracotta Planters

Old but gold. This DIY planter idea is simple, cheap and effortless. It will only take you a few minutes to adorn your planters. Find out how here.

25. Floppy Disk Planter

This is perhaps the best way to make use of your old floppy disks. You can make them small ornamental planters to decorate your place. If you are interested in this idea, you will find more information about it here.

26. Nail Polish Marbled DIY Planters

This is one of the smartest DIY planter ideas. It is quite cost-effective too. Borrow your woman’s nail polish and paint your planters with it. You will make them very attractive. Check out this post for more inspiration.

27. High Heel Planters

Image result for High Heel Planters


This is another uncommon DIY planter idea. If you have a high heel that does not fit you anymore but you are still emotionally attached to it, you should immortalize it by transforming it into a beautiful eye-grabbing planter. This is an easy DIY project. Just follow these steps and you will make it.

28. Mason Jar Planter

Image result for Mason Jar Planter


Mason jar planters are very popular and quite common too. They are one of the most used indoor planters. That is quite normal because they are widely available, cheap and decorative. You can learn how to make them here.

29. Face Planters

This is one of the most amazing DIY planter ideas. If you think that your planters look dull and boring, the best way to make them pleasant and attractive again is to pain them and draw some happy faces on them. It is quite easy and simple to do so. This post will inspire you.

30. DIY Vertical Fence Planter

One of the best ways to make your planters visible and observable is to hang them. You can hang them indoors or outdoors on a fence just like the picture. You can find more details about this idea at apartment therapy.

31. Monochromatic Planter

Monochromatic planters are amazing. They are beautiful and decorative. They will help make your outdoor space outstanding. Besides, it is not difficult to make one, all you need to do is to follow these steps.

32. Wine bottles DIY planter ideas

This is one of the best DIY planter ideas for wine lovers. Instead of throwing away empty wine bottles, use them as planters to decorate your outdoor space. You can hang them in trees so they won’t occupy any space. You can learn more about this interesting DIY project here.

33. Coffee Bag Planter

This is not a decorative planter but it is quite effective. It is excellent for growing veggies. You can move it around to meet the growth requirements of your plants in term of sunlight exposure. Here you will find how to make these coffee bag planters.

34. Flower Pot Centerpiece

Image result for Flower Pot Centerpiece


You can adorn your flower pot by adding simple things such as a candle. It will make it look adorable and it will serve as the centerpiece of your pot. For more information about this lovely idea, check out this article. 

35. DIY Gumboot Planters

Being cheap and useful, these planters make a nice addition to any garden. Many people use old shoes as planters. It is not a trend but it is quite common. You can find more shoe planter ideas here.

36. Gold Lettering DIY planter ideas.

Image result for Gold Lettering DIY planter


Paint your old boring pots in white and then draw on them in glitter and you have extremely stylish and sophisticated planters that will adorn your place. Read more about this idea here.

37. Hat planter

This is definitely one of the most creative and innovative DIY planter ideas. These hat planters are absolutely adorable. They are also very decorative. Hats with different shapes and colors can make unique planters. Learn more about it here.

38. Can Planter

Old cans can be painted in an outstanding style to become exceptional planters. This DIY project requires a bit of your time and creativity. Here is more information about it.

39. Burlap Planter

This is one of the most inexpensive DIY planter ideas. This chic planter will cost you nothing. Besides, it is easy to make. Check out this tutorial for it.

40. Tire Planter

Image result for  Tire Planter


These planters are decorative, beautiful and above all very attractive. They are an ideal way to embellish your outdoor space and make it look appealing. Follow these steps to make these gorgeous planters.

41. Chandelier Planter

Image result for Chandelier Planter


This is one of the most spectacular DIY planter ideas. This chandelier planter will make your place looks colorful and joyful. It is very attractive and eye-grabbing. It will be a very delightful addition to any house. Making this DIY chandelier planter requires certain skills. If you have them, you will only need this tutorial.

42. DIY Hedgehog Planter

This is a creative way to make your garden look cute. This hedgehog planter looks really real. You can find the tutorial for it here.

43. Chairs DIY planter Ideas

Most people throw their old chairs instead of transforming them into planters. That is quite wrong because chairs make amazing planters.

44. Chalkboard Planter

This is one of the easiest DIY planter ideas. All you need to do is to paint your dull planters in a creative way. For inspiration, take a look at this post.

45. Wood Bark Planter

This is one of the most beautiful planters. It is extremely alluring and unique. It is an exceptional decorative item that can adorn your both your indoors and outdoors. Besides, making this remarkable planter is easy. All you need to do is to follow these instructions:

  • Choose a good pot
  • Clean it well with vinegar
  • Glue bark on the pot until it is covered
  • Let it dry

46. Collander Planter

Colanders are both decorative and effective. First, they are extremely beautiful and attractive. They ill decorate your yard. Second, they are excellent planters. They contain holes that will allow your plants to breathe better which will boost their growth. In brief, they are great stylish planters.

47. DIY Dinosaurus Planter

Image result for DIY Dinosaur Planter


These small cute dinosaurs planters are not bought from stores but rather they are a DIY project. Although it looks difficult to create them, it is not. All you need to do is to follow these instructions and you will successfully make them even if you don’t have any DIY skills.

48. Aged Planter

Image result for Aged Planter


This antique planter is an excellent option to give your place a vintage look. It is eye-catching and decorative. You can easily create following these steps.

49. DIY Flowerpots

This is one of the cutest DIY planter ideas. These cute kawaii pots are perfect to decorate desks and tables. They are so small they can fit anywhere. Besides, they are very attractive and appealing they will definitely draw attention to the place you put them at. If you want to create these pretty planters, check out this guide.

50. Pallet Boat Planter

This is another creative DIY planter idea. This idea is not only creative but also decorative and cute. You can use pallet boards to create this fascinating boat planter. Whether you implant it or not is up to you, either way, this planter is very ornamental and alluring. The tutorial is available here.

51. Wooden Wheelbarrow Planter

Image result for Wooden Wheelbarrow Planter


You can use wooden planks and boards to make a wheelbarrow that you can use as a planter in your outdoor space. This DIY project is challenging. It is not easy to make a wheelbarrow but if you apply these tips, you will succeed.

52. Metal troughs DIY planter ideas

Water troughs are perfect planters. They come in different sizes and shapes. They are also beautiful, ornamental and inexpensive. Besides, they are sturdy and they are ideal for growing vegetables since they can heat up the soil which is one of the factors that boost the growth of veggies.

53. Clothespin Planter

This is one of the most creative and impressive DIY planter ideas. It is also very inexpensive. It is made of Clothe-pins. This planter is ornamental rather functional. It is recommended that you grow decorative plants in it such as succulents. To create this cute planter, you should follow these instructions.

54. Modern Concrete Planter

Pavers are widely used in gardens. They are ideal to make pathways, edge, and planters too. You can use them to make beautiful concrete planters. Concrete planters are excellent outdoor planters. They will harmonize with the rest of the element in your outdoor space as well as survive for years. This post will show you how to make them.

55. DIY Vertical frame planter

A vertical frame planter will not only decorate your house but it will also display your plants in a very beautiful and attractive way. You can implant it succulents or any other decorative plants and hang it on any empty wall inside your house. This post contains all the details and the steps to make this succulent frame planter.

56. Tuna Can Planter

This is one of the most affordable DIY planter ideas. Whenever you finish eating Tuna, don’t throw away the can but rather turn it into this cute ornamental planter. We found this pleasant idea here.

57. DIY Concrete Planter

These are among the most beautiful DIY concrete planters. They are small, you can put them anywhere and they are very beautiful and attractive. Learn how to make these beauties here.

58. Pineapple Planter

This is definitely a creative planter that you can use to decorate your indoor. It is lovely and alluring. It will add so much brightness to your indoor. Besides, it is easy to make, just follow this tutorial.

59. Purse Planter

Have you ever thought of transforming one of your old purses or bags into a planter? Purses make magnificent planters. They are stylish, unique and attractive. You can put it on a table in your living room and it will definitely serve as an awesome centerpiece. If this DIY project appeals to you, here are the instructions. 

60. Brass Planter

This stylish and fancy planter is made from PVC drain cap. It is appealing and decorative. You can make it easily following these instructions.

61. Sea Shell Planter

Image result for Sea Shell Planter


This is one of the most wonderful DIY planter ideas. It is cute and it is small enough to fit anywhere. Besides, it is completely free and making it requires no effort nor time. A full detailed guide is available here.

62. Cardboard Planter

Image result for Cardboard Planter


If you are looking for an elegant yet inexpensive and easy DIY planter idea, this one is perfect for you. It basically costs nothing but it will adorn your place beautifully. The tutorial is available here.

63. Shoe organizers DIY planter ideas

This is not an ornamental idea but it is quite effective if you lack space and you want to grow some veggies and herbs. The tutorial is available at the Instructables.

64. Chevron wood box Planter

This is an absolutely adorable planter to decorate your front door with. It is one of 2018’s best planters. This post will help you make this attractive chevron wood box planter.

65. Textured DIY planter ideas

These delightfully textured planters are an excellent decorative choice. They are beautiful enough to decorate both your indoors and outdoors. Take a look at this post to learn how to make them.

66. Milk Carton Planter

Making this unique planter is easy, all you need to do is to wrap a milk cartoon in linen and you will have this cute planter. For a detailed guide, you should read this article.

67. Paint Dripping Planter

These charming and alluring planters make the whole design looks splendid. The idea consists of dripping some paint on Earthenwares to make them look appealing. It is cheap and it works. Learn more about it here.

68. Handmade Clay Pots

This DIY planter idea requires certain skills but it is very recommended. You can use clay to create pots in different shapes and sizes. Unleash your imagination. It is a very beautiful idea and it will allow you to have unique pots. For inspiration, read this post.

69. Vertical Tie Planter

This is definitely one of the most absurd DIY planter ideas, Turning a tie into a planter is definitely an off the grid idea. We found it here.

70. Animal Planter

Small cheap plastic containers in the form of animals can be ornamental planters you can implant them and decorate your place with them. This post will inspire you.

71. Twig Planter

If you have a tree in your outdoor, pick up the twigs and make a planter from them. They can make decorative planters that have an attractive rustic natural appearance. See more here.

72. Jeans DIY planter ideas.

This is a fun idea. If you think your garden is boring and you want to add some ridiculousness to it, you should try to transform one of your jeans into a planter. We found this idea here.

73. Glove planter

Image result for Glove planter


If there are jean planters, it is not surprising to find glove planters too. We found this absolutely original idea here.

74. Hanging Tire Planter

Image result for Hanging Tire Planter


Tires are ideal planters. In fact,t they are widely used as planters. Hanging them is a nice way to display play them beautifulhy. See more here.

75. Plastic Bottle Planter

With the right inspiration, you can transform plastic bottles into wonderful decorative planters. These planters look absolutely charming and cute. They are very attractive too. Learn how to make them here.

76. Eggshell planter

Eggshell planters are a great way to protect your seedlings. The full idea is explained here.

77. Letter Planter

Letter planters are nice, creative and appealing. You can use them to decorate your outdoors or indoors. Details are available here.

78. Teacups DIY planter ideas

Teacups DIY planter ideas

This is one of the most admirable DIY planter ideas. Use teacups as planters and place them in your garden and they will serve as the centerpiece. They will definitely add a beautiful these to your garden. The tutorial for this idea is available at HGTV.

79. Front Porch Planter

This is an ideal planter to decorate your front porch and bring nature to it. It is beautiful, wide and deep enough to accommodate more than one plant and above all making, it is not challenging. Just follow this tutorial. 

80. Tree Stump Planter

Image result for Tree Stump Planter


If you ever chop a tree in your garden, keep in mind to keep a tree stump to use as a planter. It is very ornamental and it will give your indoor a fabulous vintage look. See more here.

81. Vertical Planter

Vertical planters are popular, decorative, and attractive. There are so many ideas of vertical planters and this is one of the most functional ones. It will allow you to grow many plants without occupying much space. It is perfect for limited spaces. Learn how to make this planter here.

82. Bricks raised bed

raised beds are planters. They can be very decorative and appealing. This one, for example, will definitely adorn your outdoor space. It is beautiful, sturdy and easy to make.  Just follow these steps.

83. Hanging Planter

Hanging planters are all attractive and ornamental. They are also suitable to hang indoors and outdoors. It is not difficult to make a hanging planter. These instructions will show you how to make this one.

84. Recycled Tire

This is another planter made from old tires. Old tires are very useful in gardening. You should never throw them away. IF you want to transform an old tire into this planter, you need to see this tutorial.

85. Chandelier Planter

Chandeliers are an excellent choice for planters. Just plant them and they will absolutely amazing.

86. Dresser Planter

Image result for Dresser Planter


Old furniture including dressers makes fabulous planters for your outdoor space. See how here.

87. Truck Planter

Image result for Truck Planter


You can use small toys of different sizes and shape such as truckers as planters. They are very cute and the idea is impressive. You can find more details here.

88. Self Watering Planter

Self-watering planters are an ideal choice if you don’t have enough time to look after your plants. They will take care of your plants for you. Here is a list of the most decorative self-watering planters.

89.  Light Bulb Planter

This is a creative planter. It is inexpensive and totally off the grid. Transforming a light bulb into a planter is easy as long as you follow these instructions.

90. Stones DIY planters ideas

Stones DIY planters ideas

This is one of the cutest DIY planter ideas. This idea consists of collecting some river stones and gluing them together to have an extremely stylish and ornamental planter. Visit Instructables for the tutorial.

91. Basketball Planter

If your basketball becomes useless, don’t throw it away, instead, you can turn it into a planter and grow a decorative or an edible plant in it.

92. Football Planter

If you can transform a basketball into a planter, there is no reason why you can’t transform a football into a planter. Check out this post for more information about this idea.

93. Toilet Planter

Creativity has no limits. If you want an extremely eye-grabbing planter, you should definitely opt for this one. We found this project at Thrifty Fun.

94. Alarm Clock Planter

Image result for Alarm Clock Planter


This is not a very decorative planter idea but we included it because it is quite original. Perhaps you have the right idea to make it decorative. We found this planter idea here.

95. Radio planter

Why throw your old radio in the garbage while you can turn it into a planter? This post contains all the information about this idea.

96. Keyboard Planter

This idea basically proves that anything can be turned into a planter, you only need to be creative. See more about this idea in this article.

97. CRT Monitor Planter

This is not a trendy idea but it made it to the list because it is quite uncommon. If you still have one of these old CRT monitors and you don’t know what do with it, you should definitely transform it into a planter. This is how to do it.

98. Water Can Planter

Old water cans can be cleaned and painted to become cute appealing planters. This idea is worth trying. It requires neither much effort nor much time. Check out this tutorial before you start working on this project.

99. DIY Bathtub Planter

Bathtubs can be used as planters. If you ever change your bathtub, place the old one in your garden, fill it with soil and implant it with whatever plants you want. More information about this idea is here.

100. Bra Planter

This is one of the most unusual DIY planter ideas. It is neither trendy nor popular but it is funny that is why it made it to the list. However, if it interests you, you will find all the information you need about it here.

These are the most creative and decorative DIY planter ideas. These planters are very easy to make. Besides, they are all attractive and inexpensive. Tell us which one is your favorite planter in the comments below.


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