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28 Metal Garden Art Ideas That Will Amaze You

There are many ways to decorate a garden. Perhaps, the most popular way is growing decorative plants and flowers. However, this way is a bit old and outdated. It is still decorative but there are many new ornamental ideas to adorn your garden such as metal garden art ideas. They are inexpensive, off the grid and above all, very beautiful and unique. We have listed the best of these ideas below, go ahead and check them out.

  1. Metal flower garden


rusty metal trellis/screen twisted metal fern
This makes a great DIY project. You could transform the rusty metal items in your garage into decorative items for your garden. It is an easy and cheap project. Besides, metal decorations last for years and they are perfect to embellish your garden since they will be prone to devasting elements such as raindrop, humidity, and heat.

2. Metal Bird

Garden tool art made from rusty
Have you ever wanted to see birds in your garden? This DIY project will make your wish come true. You can transform an old hammer into a metal bird. Although this project requires that you have DIY skills, you can still make it happen if you have enough determination.

3. Metal flowers

Fork and Spoon Flowers
These metal flowers are very beautiful and attractive. Making these flowers is one of the best Metal Garden Art Ideas. They will add so much elegance and sophistication to your garden. Besides, you can paint them in any color you want to blend in well with your plants. Silver is a recommended color.

4. Metal planter

Broadcroft Design | Creative Metalwork
This is one of the most creative and attractive planters. This planter is so beautiful that you can even bring in indoors to decorate your place. Since it is made from metal, you may need to hire a professional to build it for you. You can find more decorative planter ideas in this article.

5. Metal trellises

Cattail Bird Feeder Yard Stakes
If you are growing some vines in your garden and you are about to support them, you should definitely consider using these metal trellises. They are both decorative and functional. They look like beautiful flowers, they will add beauty to your vines. Besides, they are metal-made, so they are strong enough to hold the weight of your plants.

6. Metal Garden Sculpture

Broken tools
You can use different rustic metal items to make sculptures for your garden. The sculpture in the picture is only for inspiration. You can create whatever comes in your mind.

7. Metal Flamingo

Metal Garden Sculpture
This is one of the most creative Metal Garden Art Ideas. Creating some metal flamingo birds and placing them near your pond or pool will make your garden look stunning. These beautiful metal birds will make you feel like you live next to a lake.

8. Metal Cattail

pictures of garden art
Cattail plants are not only edible but they are also extremely ornamental. They have a style. They are also remarkable due to their large size and unique shape. However, growing cattail and maintaining them is challenging and time-consuming. Therefore, if you want to decorate your garden with these lovely plants, you should definitely make some metal ones. They are easy to make and they will last for decades.

9. Nopal Steel Cactuses
garden art, art and sculpture

This is definitely one of the most decorative metal garden art projects. These Nopal Steel Cactuses are amazing and they will make any garden looks fabulous. They can serve as the centerpiece of any garden. They are also suitable to decorate your yards, porches, or even indoors.

10. Kitchen Utensils

Nopal Steel Cactuses Unique Garden Art Metal
People don’t use metal utensils anymore. Most people have already thrown them away. But if you haven’t, you can transform them into decorative metal items for your garden. Take the one in the picture as an inspiration.

11. DIY metal flower

Garden art created from old kitchen utensils
Adding flowers to your garden is always a good way to add beauty and charm to it. However, to make your garden exceptional, you should definitely add unique flowers such as the one in the picture. It is truly unique and exceptional. You can easily make it using spoons and forks. It requires neither much time nor effort.

12. Big Metal flower

Amazing Garden art 
There is no doubt that metal flowers are lovely and alluring. This one for example, although it is inexpensive, it will definitely make your garden more attractive and appealing.

13. Tin cans man

Amazing tin man - Metal Garden Art
Making a snowman is an entertaining project to decorate your house at Christmas. However, making a tin cans man is a lovely project to decorate your garden. This tin cans man is cute, eye-grabbing and above all inexpensive. You can easily create it if you devote enough time to this project.

14. horseshoe sculpture

'Spring Ram
This Amazing horseshoe sculpture will not only decorate your garden but it will also impress your guests and visitors. It is creative and beautiful. However, making it will be challenging if you are not used to DIY projects.

15. Metal squirrel sculpture

Squirrel!!! Life size horseshoe sculpture
We all love squirrels as long as they don’t eat our plants and food. This cute metal squirrel will adorn your garden without touching anything. It is an amazing decor. You can hang it on your porch or on one of the trees in your garden.

16. caged rock caterpillar sculpture

Stone & Metal Snail Garden Sculpture
If you want your garden to look more contemporary and stylish in an inexpensive way, you may want to add some rocks to it in an artistic way.

17. Metal house centipede

caged rock caterpillar sculpture
Having insects in your garden is not fun unless they are metal. This gorgeous house centipede will definitely draw attention to your garden or yard. It is very creative and unique.

18. DIY metal flowers

Rusty bands made into garden art
This is one of the easiest metal garden art ideas. You can have these metal flowers in your garden in no time. You only need to find or purchase some soft metal stripes that you can fold and unfold by your hands.

19. Metal fish

garden art metal
You don’t need a pond to have a fish in your garden. Metal fish don’t need water and they are very ornamental and pleasant to look at. Besides, they are so small that you can hang them anywhere in your garden. You can also use them to embellish your indoors.

20. Metal cattle

Cattle made from river rock, railroad spikes, railroad track, steel wire, and nuts
If you want to transform your garden into a farm garden, you can simply add some metal cattle to it. For these metal cattle you will need the following:
  • river rock
  • railroad spikes
  • railroad track
  • steel wire
  • nuts

21. Metal tank

tank metal garden art
You can use some old tires and some rustic metal items to create this metal tank. Having it in your garden will give a unique vintage look. Metal tanks can usually be found in castles and museums. Thus, adding one to your garden will make it really artistic and historic.

22. Metal dog

Junk yard dog scrap metal art

This a nice garden metal art idea. If you want a dog to protect your garden but you don’t have enough time to care for, you should definitely get a metal dog. Metal dogs are decorative and most of all they bark neither at daytime nor at nighttime.


Rusty Metal Garden Decor

24. Handcrafted Metal Flower

Handcrafted Metal Sculptures

Handcrafted metal flowers are extremely decorative. They are very attractive and charming. They will definitely draw attention to your garden. However, for this handcrafted metal flower, you will need professionals.

25. Beautiful Metal garden flower

Beautiful Metal garden flower

If you want to invest your time in an entertaining fruitful DIY project, you should invest it in making this cute metal flowers garden. It is so appealing and decorative. Besides, it looks like a real garden flower only it survives for decades without care.

26. Metal garden art sculpture face

Garden art metal sculpture face Like the idea of using chain and the spring hair.

This is an exceptional metal garden art to place in your garden. This cute smiling face is definitely eye-catching. You can make it using a chain and spring hair.

27. metal garden art: Native face

Metal art shovel face horseshoe native, from recycled metal materials.

You can recycle old metal items to make this fabulous sculpture of a native American. This is an easy project that does not require any special DIY skills.

These are the best and the most decorative Metal Garden Art Ideas. We hope these indeas have inspired you to add some metal art to your garden.



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