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12 fresh garden trends to decorate your outdoor space

Decorating, re-designing and re-shaping your garden are important to keep your garden beautiful and attractive. If you don’t draw your attention to the beauty of your garden, it will lose its charm. Thus, it is crucial that you keep ameliorating the look of your garden.

There are many garden trends that will inspire you to decorate your garden. In this article,  we have rounded up 14 of the most wonderful garden trends that will definitely transform your outdoor space and make your garden looks astonishing. I am positive that you will love them. Scroll down and take a look.

1. Alfresco dining

Alfresco Festoon Light Canopy

This is one of the best garden trends to enjoy your outdoor space. The Alfresco trend is not only beautiful and decorative but it is also practical. It will adorn your outdoor space and it will provide you with an extremely nice sitting and dining area.

This design or trend is perfect for people who lack space in their kitchen. It is large enough to allow you to gather with your family members or friends and have dinner together. The Alfresco trend is very ornamental, especially at night. Its mood lightening will bright the dining table and make it extremely attractive.

2. A Colorful decorative garden

John Lewis House by John Lewis Salsa 2-seater garden sofa £140, House by John Lewis Salsa outdoor side table £79, House by John Lewis Salsa garden chair, (set of 2) £140

Colorful furniture is the best way to create an attractive and pleasant space. It is very sophisticated and it will definitely make your outdoor space stand out.  Besides, you can paint the furniture in any color that pleases you.

This design is perfect for backyards. Having such a backyard is beneficial in many terms. First, you will have a very beautiful sitting area. Second, it is not expensive at all. Finally, yet importantly, you can move your furniture indoors whenever you want or need to.

3. Balcony gardens

Bistro chairs and table on balcony with view in the yard

Balcony gardens have been a popular trend for a long time. They are beautiful, decorative and most of all they are not expensive. They are one of the best ways to decorate any outdoor space and make it alive and refreshing. Besides, most of them are small and they don’t occupy much space.

Recently, Balcony gardens became very wanted and very desired since more and more people are living in rented apartments. Balcony gardens provide these people with a way to express their gardening style. Thus, it is quite common to see extremely creative balcony gardens.

4. Compact sheds

The Posh Shed Company, garden shed

I know many of you are now wondering what do compact sheds have to do with garden trends? Well, believe it or not, compact sheds are one of the most popular garden trends. Saving garden space is the priority of most gardeners. Compact sheds are one of the best ways to save spaces.

5. Multi-use sheds

The Corner Garden Potting Shed (and mini Greenhouse) from Rowlinson

I told your garden sheds are very popular and trending. Sheds are not only used to store tools and keep gardens organized but they are also used to grow plants. They are very similar to greenhouses and they are perfect to grow shade-loving plants.

6. Solar lights

Solar Damasque Garden Lantern, The Glow Company

Solar lights are very ornamental that is why they are extremely popular and wanted. They are also very economical. They will adorn your garden beautiful at daytime, lighten up and brighten up your garden at nighttime, all these without costing you expensive electricity bills. In brief, solar lights are a wonderful addition to any garden.

7. Copper

Paul Hensey - Green Zone Design copper2

Copper, whether it is a material or a color, will make a big impact on both indoor and outdoor gardens. Landscaping in copper is very beautiful and attractive. It will provide an amazing sense of warmth to planting and a contrast to surrounding gravel, stone or wood.

8. Exotic shrubs

Spindle (Euonymus oxyphyllus) fruit split open with seeds exposed, Yorkshire, UK

Exotic shrubs are becoming widely popular. Gardeners started to shift away from tradition plants such as naturalistic perennials and grasses to more exotic and unusual plants. Exotic shrubs and exotic plants have unique shapes and forms that will draw attention to your garden and make it very remarkable and noticeable.

9. Wood-effect porcelain tiles

Parlor Wood Effect Tiles - Garden - Walls and Floors Ltd

Wood-effect porcelain tiles have been popular for decades in interior design. Most of the contemporary places have Wood-effect porcelain tiles. However, recently, they become popular and highly used in the garden design. In fact, they became a garden trend.

10. Woodland plants

Low level woodland planting garden

This is a very beautiful and decorative garden trend. This design is suitable to use for any outdoor space whether it is a garden, a backyard, or a front yard. It will definitely make your outdoor space stunning. Besides, it is not expensive and it lasts for decades.

11. Asymmetry

Garden by Cassandra Crouch MSGD

Asymmetry is a new garden trend. Our definition of an attractive garden implies that a garden should be in harmony, well coherent and well organized. This is not always the case. Some well-organized gardens are not attractive. In fact, they can be extremely boring because they don’t look natural.
However, asymmetric gardens are very natural. They have their own uniqueness and beauty. Their beauty lies in their spontaneity and gullibility.

12. Limestone

The M&G Garden. Designed by: James Basson. Sponsored by: M&G Investments. RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017.

Limestone was a popular material to decorate gardens. However, for a period of time, it lost its decorative value. This year, it came back to competition and we can see it decorating many gardens. Many indoor and outdoor gardens are adorned with limestone.

Besides being decorative, limestones are also sturdy and cheap. They won’t cost you much money and they will adorn your garden for several years.

These are the freshest garden trends. These trends will inspire you to decorate your garden and give it a new look. Enjoy decorating your garden and don’t forget to tell us which one if your favorite trend in the comments below.


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