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12 Signs That Your Indoor Plant is Unhealthy

12 Signs That Your Indoor Plant is Unhealthy

If your indoor plant is looking gloomy and sad, then check out these Signs of Unhappy Houseplants and follow the measures suggested here!

If your favorite indoor plants are not thriving and looking dull—it’s good to know the Signs of Unhappy Houseplants to see whether they’re unhealthy or not.


2. Brown and Crispy Foliage

Like dropping foliage, it’s normal for a plant to have some falling brown leaves. But the problem arises when new foliage gets affected, or more leaves turn brown. This indicates that your plant is unhappy. The reasons are:

  • If the entire leaf is turning brown and crinkly, it indicates underwatering and a dry or less humid environment. In such conditions, water the plant deeply and make sure you do not let the soil go completely dry for a long time. If it is due to dry air, add a humidifier or pebble tray.
  • If the leaves’ edges turn brown, it’s a sign of too much fertilizer, excessive use of pesticides, dry soil, hot air, low temperature, accumulated salts, or root rot. To fix it, fertilize the plant once a month and stand the pot in trays lined with pebbles. Also, water the plants thoroughly so the excess salts flush out through drainage holes.

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