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14 Decorative Flower tower ideas that will blow your mind

I believe we can all agree that flower towers are extremely beautiful. Due to their beauty, they are widely used as decorative items for both indoors and outdoors. Flower towers are easy to make. They don’t require much effort and they are extremely budget-friendly. Therefore, in this post, we have rounded up a few flower tower ideas that you should definitely use to adorn your garden, house, or yard.

1. DIY Petunia flower Tower

Petunia is a popular flower. It is colorful and very decorative. It is widely used to decorate gardens and other outdoor spaces. Petunia can also make an exceptional flower tower. For more information and details about this project, you should read this post.

2. Rustic Flower Tower

We have already mentioned that tower flowers are extremely inexpensive. In fact, you could make a decorative flower tower out of old rustic metal pots. If you are interested in this DIY project, you can find all the instructions here.

3. Pumpkin Flower Tower

Flower towers can be both beautiful and funny as the one in the picture above. This cost-effective DIY flower will not only embellish your garden but it will also attract your kids outdoor. Go on and watch the tutorial on  Youtube.

4. Pyramid Flower Tower

This is an amazing tower flower to decorate your garden or yard. It is very attractive and it is the best way to overcome space issue. However, this flower tower is suitable to grow only shallow root flowers.

5. Plastic Pots

This is one of the best DIY flower towers. This tower is decorative and it will also allow you to grow as many plants as you want especially if you have a limited space. Moreover, building this tower is a piece of cake and it is extremely inexpensive. Here are the instructions for it.

6. Colorful tower

Colorful flower towers are extremely ornamental. They are very attractive and it is just pleasant to look at them. Take this one, for example, although it is quite simple, it remains highly alluring and charming. If you want to duplicate it, this post will show you how.

7. Birth bath tower

Image result for Stacked Pot Planter Tower



This is one of the easiest flower towers. You can have it ready in a couple of hours. It requires neither effort nor time, only some plastic watch. Go ahead and take a look at the tutorial.

8. Ladder tower


This is an old idea yet it remains effective in terms of beauty and cost. Most gardeners transform their rustic ladders into flower towers rather than throwing them away. It is very clever.

9. Vertical tower of flowers

Flower towers are already creative and going vertical will definitely make them astonishing. This flower tower, for example, is one of the most beautiful decorations. It is fit to adorn your outdoor and indoor space. Besides, it is budget-friendly. In order to have this amazing decorative tower, check out this guide.

10. Tipsy Pot Tower

If you are looking for a colorful elegant tower that will change the atmosphere in your garden, this idea will work best for yours. In addition to being cheap, these cute pots are small enough to fit anywhere. More information about this flower tower is available here.

11. Self Watering Flower Tower

Image result for Self Watering Flower Tower


This is an ideal choice for people who are busy and they don’t have much time to dedicate to their garden. This tower will make sure that your flowers are receiving the care they need. To learn how to make this time-saving tower, read this article. 

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12. Stacked Pot Planter Tower

Image result for Stacked Pot Planter Tower


These pots will help you build an ornamental flower tower that will decorate your yard, patio or garden. Stacked pot flower towers are not only ornamental but they are also practical. They will allow you to grow many small plants. They are also cheap. Follow this tutorial to learn how to make one.

13. PVC Pipe Flower Tower

This is one of the cheapest flower towers. Although it is not very decorative, it is at least very creative. Instructables will show you a step by step how to create this tower.

14. Terra Cotta Pots Flower Tower

Terracotta pots are extremely versatile and one of their best uses is to make a flower tower out of them. Do you want to learn how? Here is the tutorial.

Flowers towers depend on your choice of flowers. Some people prefer pleasant smelling flowers others prefer blooming flowers. However, the type of flowers you are planning on growing depends heavily on your area. If you live in a hot weather area, we highly recommend that you opt for one of these drought-tolerant flowers.


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