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15 Plants That Make Your Home Smell Like Heaven

Indoor plants are superior to their outdoor counterparts in terms of both beauty and scent. If you’re looking to boost your mood and brighten up a room, consider bringing in some indoor plants!

We’ve compiled a list of the 15 best-smelling houseplants, and if you have the space, we recommend you give them a try. If not, these might end up in your home after reading this, since we’re confident there’s one for everyone.



Lemon balm is a bushy perennial with lemony-scented leaves. This plant’s freshness fills the air in every area it enters, so it’s great for purifying the air in your home or just adding a little zest!

There’s nothing like a healthy dose worth appreciating before bedtime hours, so keep an open window near where sunshine streams so its strong rays bring out all those delicious scents from within the pot itself.

lemon balm

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