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16 Best Vaseline Uses Around the House

You can find a tub of Vaseline in most bathroom medicine cabinets. In 1859, chemist Robert Chesbrough developed the gelatinous “petroleum jelly” substance to treat skin injuries. This smooth combination of natural waxes and mineral oils has made Vaseline a common household staple.

Here are 16 unique uses for the low-cost, multipurpose jelly around the house.


1. Protect Surfaces While Painting

Have you planned any painting projects for the near future? If that’s the case, painter’s tape can be replaced with Vaseline. You can use it to prevent paint from sticking to areas you don’t want painted, such as window glass, door hinges and knobs, and the edges of linoleum, tile, or wood floors. After you’re done painting, remove the gel by wiping it with water: Don’t bother scraping it!


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