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17 Best Flowering Succulents You Can Grow Indoors and Outdoors

Succulents and cacti are sturdy ornamental plants that are grown both indoors and outdoors for their aesthetic value. Therefore, they are quite common in gardens and as houseplants. However, most people don’t know that these two plants are not only about glossy fat foliage, thorns, and textures but they also produce flowers. Therefore, in this article, we will display the best flowering succulents. Go ahead and check them out.

1. Christmas Cactus

Flowering Succulents 1

Christmas Cactus is blooming succulent that bears purple, pink, and red flowers. This low maintenance plant is very attractive and extremely sturdy. You can grow it as a houseplant. To see more uncommon houseplants, check out this post. 

2. Crown of Thorns

Flowering Succulents 2

This is one of the most unique flowering succulents. This blooming succulent forms cute small flowers that look astonishing. You can grow this plant both indoors and outdoors. It requires minimum care. Although it is a strong plant, it does not tolerate frost.

3. Pincushion Cactus

Flowering Succulents 3

Pincushion Cactus is one of the most decorative drought-tolerant plants. It features beautiful pink flowers and exceptional ball-like shape. This plant is easy to grow as long as you provide it with at least 4 hours of direct sunlight exposure daily.

4. Rock Purslane

Flowering Succulents 4

Rock Purslane is one of the most exceptional flowering succulents. This succulent features dense foliage, tall stems, and super cute magenta flowers. Unfortunately, the flowers last only for a day. But, during the blooming season, this succulent reproduces flowers again.

5. Afterglow

Afterglow is an amazing succulent plant. This uncommon plant is very attractive and eye-grabbing. It is distinguished by its pretty blooms and lavender shade rosette of leaves. The pink leaves make this plant adorable to look at. Growing Afterglow is easy as long as you plant in a spot where it is exposed to direct light.

There are many varieties of Afterglow, below you will find the most recommended one to grow for decoration:

  • Fred Ives
  • Black Prince,
  • Frank Reinelt
  • Echeveria Imbricata

6. Marble Buttons

Flowering Succulents 6

This succulent is called marble button because of its unique shape that is similar to marble. This uncommon type o flowering succulent is usually grown in containers. Marble button is a sturdy plant and it can tolerate a lot of harsh conditions. It is one of the best heat-loving plants.

7. Flowering Kalanchoe

Flowering Succulents 7

 This is one of the most popular flowering succulents. Flowering Kalanchoe is available in different sizes and a variety of colors. This lovely houseplant features dark evergreen foliage and colorful blossoms. Don’t overwater it and provide it with plenty for light and you will love having this plant around. The most recommended varieties to grow indoors are:

  • Flaming Katy
  • Christmas Kalanchoe
  • Florist Kalanchoe
  • Madagascar Widow’s Thrill

8. Jade Plant

Flowering Succulents 8

Jade plant, commonly known as the Money tree, is another fabulous flowering succulent. It features dark green leaves and beautiful flowers. If you want Jade plant to bloom indoors, you need to expose it to plenty of sunlight and water it carefully. It is believed that this plant brings money and wealth.

9. Purple Ice Plant

Flowering Succulents 9

This is one of the most remarkable succulent plants. It is distinguished by its needle-like leaves and daisy-like purple flowers. The flowers bloom from summer to fall giving us a nice view. This succulent is quite short, thus, it is used as a ground cover.

10. Red Yucca

Flowering Succulents 10

This succulent plant looks pretty much like an ornamental grass. It has extremely beautiful brown flower stalks and red flowers. This plant is one of the strongest flowering succulents and it drought and heat tolerant.

11. Peanut Cactus

Flowering Succulents 11

This succulent has large flower heads that bloom in shade of white and orange. You can grow this succulent as a houseplant since its spines are smooth and they don’t represent a threat to pets and kids.

12. Emily Cobweb Houseleek

Flowering Succulents 12

This unique succulent forms a beautiful rosette of pink flowers that looks astonishing. Its leavers are red and green and they are covered with spiderweb-like cilia. You can grow this plant indoors and outdoors easily.

13. Aloe

Flowering Succulents 13

Aloe is one of the most popular houseplants due to its unique shape and low-maintenance characteristics.  To learn more about Aloe, check out this post. It contains all decorative aloe varieties and how to grow them.

14. Desert Rose Plant

Flowering Succulents 14

Growing this plant in a warm or a hot climate will allow you to enjoy its beautiful flowering year round. However, in cold climates, it flowers in summer and spring. You can grow it as a houseplant in small or medium-sized containers.

15. Lifesaver Cactus

Flowering Succulents 15

This unique and exceptional succulent flower features beautiful zebra stripes, a donut-shaped ring at the center, and star-shaped flowers. This succulent plant is not cold tolerant and does not survive frost.

16. Orchid Cactus

Flowering Succulents 16

This succulent plant is a popular decoration especially if it is grown in hanging baskets. It is very aesthetic and it will definitely be a lovely addition to your house.

17. Ruby Ball

Flowering Succulents 17

Rubby ball is used to decorate desks and offices. It is one of the best and most beautiful desk plants to decorate your office. 

These are some of the best flowering succulents. These plants are adorable and attractive. They are also sturdy and low-maintenance. You should definitely try to grow one of them.


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