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18 colorful vegetables that will decorate your garden

Vegetable gardens can be decorative and beautiful. There are a few veggies that are colorful and attractive. Growing them in your garden will make it extremely joyful and appealing. If you think your garden is boring and it needs a new touch, you should definitely consider growing one of these amazing 18 colorful vegetables.

  1. Eggplant

These exotic lovely plants are perfect to add colors to your garden. They produce alluring purple fruits that are very attractive. There are some varieties that produce red, green, white or orange fruits. Moreover, this is a blooming vegetable.

2. Kale

This is definitely one of the most beautiful colorful vegetables. It is distinguished by its green beautiful leaves. Most gardeners grow this plant for aesthetic reasons. It is extremely eye-grabbing. It is also edible but it is not tasty. It has a bitter flavor.

3. Okra (Lady’s Finger)

Although this plant is not widely known, it is one of the best plants to grow in your vegetable garden. Okra is a very beautiful edible plant. It has a unique shape that makes is really exceptional. Besides, it is also very delicious. When cooked, it has an absolutely fascinating meaty taste. It is also crunchy so your children will definitely love it.

4. Beet

There are a lot of beet varieties. All of them are highly ornamental and edible. Growing beet in your garden will make it look entertaining. These plants are very attractive. Besides, they have a very special and delicious taste. Once you cook them, you can eat them alone or add them to different dishes.

5. Carrot

Carrot is one of the healthiest and testiest colorful vegetables. Since they come in different colors including red, orange and yellow, they will make your garden absolutely delightful. You can cook carrot or eat it raw. Either way, you will enjoy an extremely delicious taste. For growing carrots, you should follow this guide.

6. Pepper

Chili Pepper 'Basket Of Fire.'

Peppers will not only spice your dishes but will also spice your garden. Peppers are very colorful. They go through different stages of colors including red, orange, yellow or purple. Growing them in your garden will definitely make it more pleasant to look at. Besides, peppers are also very healthy. They contain a lot of nutrients that are essential for the human body.

7. Tomato

Tomato 'Indigo Rose.'

All tomato varieties are an excellent choice for a vegetable garden. Tomatoes are very sweet, healthy and ornamental. If you want to make your garden appealing, you should probably grow Heirloom varieties. They have alluring exotic colors.  The most popular heirloom varieties are ‘Brandywine,’ orange ‘Tangella,’ lavender ‘Cherokee Purple’ and yellow ‘Lemon Boy.’ If you want to grow tomatoes successfully, you should read this guide.

8. Kohlrabi

Kohlrabi is mainly grown for its stem that is rich in nutrients. This edible plant has an extremely appealing shape and color. Unfortunately, this plant although it is beautiful and it has an extremely tasty flavor, it is not widely known. Many people still don’t know it yet.

9. Cabbage

This is one of the most decorative colorful vegetables. Cabbage is principally grown for decoration. It is very beautiful and it will definitely make your garden look outstanding. However, it is not recommended that you eat it because it has a very bitter taste. It is healthy though. Before you start growing cabbage to beautify your vegetable garden, you should take a look at these tips.

10. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are one of the most popular and coveted vegetables on earth. They are very delicious and nutritious. Besides, they come in different colors including red, blue, tan, and orange. Sweet potatoes are also heavy producers. Growing them is beneficial on all levels.

11. Cauliflower

Cauliflower 'Cheddar.'

Growing Cauliflower in a vegetable garden is an excellent choice. These plants are so bright that will make you whole garden looks bright and cheerful. These veggies are very healthy too. They contain a lot of nutrients. All varieties of cauliflower are edible and delicious. They are also widely available. You can always find them in farmers markets. However, the most wanted and delicious varieties are Graffiti (purple) and Cheddar (orange).

12. Swiss Chard

This popular plant is one of the most colorful vegetables. It is grown for its ornamental and health value. This crunchy salad has a remarkable shape that will definitely attract attention to your garden. It comes in different colors such as red and white, yellow, purple and green.

13. Radish

Radish Black Spanish

This year-round plant is an ideal choice for a vegetable garden. It is beautiful, ornamental and healthy. Radish comes in a wide range of colors that vary from white to red including any shade in-between. Raddish is a low maintenance vegetable that grows and produces fast.

14. Corn

Corn is commonly known as a yellow plant. However, there are other varieties of corn that bear other colors. In fact, corn can come in white, red, green and even blue. Yellow corn seeds are the most available ones. You can find them basically in any nursery store. But if you devote some of your time and make effort looking for other varieties, you will find them.

15. Asparagus

Asparagus is a great vegetable. It is extremely healthy and nutritious. It also has many medicinal uses. Asparagus has three different colors which are green white and purple. Most people grow green asparagus because it is healthier and it contains more nutrients than the other two.

16. Pumpkin

If you are looking for attractive and eye-catching colorful vegetables, pumpkin is one of the plants you should grow. These cute blue-colored pumpkins are very beautiful, delicious and ornamental. They will add so much brightness to your garden.

17. Beans

Beans are one of the most delicious colorful vegetables. These plants are absolutely amazing. They are highly nutritious and delicious. They can be eaten raw or cooked. They should be in any vegetable garden. Additionally, they come in a great variety of colors and all its colors are widely available.

18. Brussels Sprouts

These are very appealing plants that will definitely make your garden looks alive and pleasant. They are one of the best ways to remove dullness from your garden. Besides, they are also healthy, delicious and easy to grow.

These are the best colorful vegetables. These vegetables have it all. They are delicious, healthy, easy to grow and very decorative. You should definitely try to grow them in your garden. You will enjoy a beautiful view and a heavy yield.


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