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18 Fascinating Pergola Designs To Inspire You

Pergolas are ideal to add to your garden, backyard or even front yard. They are not only beautiful and attractive but they are also functional. They will provide you with a lovely sitting area that can be your sanctuary to relax. Besides, Pergolas are strong. They can handle the change of climate, heat, and frost. If you already have a pergola in your outdoor space that you want to redecorate or you are planning on installing one, these amazing pergola designs will inspire you.

Vine plants and climbing flowers are an excellent choice to redecorate your pergola. Besides being decorative, they are also useful. They will shade your sitting area from heat and sunlight. They will also provide with privacy.


Flooring your pergola is one way to adorn it. There are many flooring ideas to choose from. You can opt for a modern flooring or you can opt for the old-fashioned stylish stone flooring. Stone floors are very sturdy and they will last for decades.


Installing a Pergola next to your pool is both clever and ornamental. It will provide you with protection from sunlight and it will adorn your pool. This pergola, for example, is not expensive and it can be a good DIY project.


This is one of the most attractive Pergola Designs. This Pergola serves as an extension for the house. If you want to duplicate this design make sure that you choose a color that harmonizes well with your house’s color. Matching colors are perfect.


Adding curtains to your pergola is a clever idea. Curtains will add so much beauty to your pergola and they will also provide you with privacy whenever you are enjoying your time outdoors.


Glass pergolas are among the best pergola designs. First, they are a shield against the wind. Second, they prevent you from getting exposed to direct sunlight. Third, they are extremely beautiful and alluring.


Adding some decorative light to your Pergola will definitely adorn it. You can use colored lights to create a pleasant and entertaining atmosphere. Lights are inexpensive and you can install them yourself.


This is one of the most creative pergola designs. This design will make your whole outdoor space marvelous and outstanding.


This is a quite simple pergola but it is also very attractive. You can buy or if you have enough DIY skills, you can build it yourself. It takes time and effort but it is worth it.


This is one of the most alluring Pergola designs. This design is remarkable and and it will make your outdoor space astonishing. All you need to duplicate this design is:

  • Lights
  • curtains
  • pillows
  • draperies and blankets



A concrete Pergola is not only beautiful but also cost-effective. Building it may cost more than building a wooden pergola but a concrete one does not need maintenance and it lasts for decades thus it is quite cost-effective.


This is a gorgeous Pergola. Unfortunately to have this pergola you will need to hire a professional. But, every penny you spend on it is not in vain. It is ravishing, decorative and most of all extremely sturdy.


This adorable Pergola is a DIY project. This project requires certain DIY skills, determination, passion, and patience. You can build this pergola in a couple of weeks.


This is one of the most amazing Pergola designs. This design is unique and very attractive. It is suitable for large outdoor spaces.


This is a fabulous Pergola that looks like an extension to the house. It is quite simple yet it is charming and stylish.


This is one of the smallest pergola designs. This design although it is tiny, it is attractive and alluring. It is perfect for small yards.


This is a lovely Pergola design that serves as an extension to the house. It provides an amazing sitting area next to the pool.

These are the most fascinating pergola designs. These designs are suitable for all budgets and yards. They will add beauty to your indoor space. Some of them are DIY, with some effort and determination, you can easily duplicate them.


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