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18 Winter Flowering Shrubs You Should Have In Your Garden

If you don’t want your garden to look boring in winter, you should definitely grow winter flowering shrubs. These shrubs are beautiful and attractive. They are distinguished by their unusual textures, foliage, colors, fragrance, and flowers. They will definitely beautify your garden and add brightness to it in the most cloudy days.

  1. Scarlet Firethorn

Winter Flowering Shrubs 1

Scarlet Firethorn produces orange to red edible berries in fall and winter. Besides being edible, these berries also look very beautiful and appealing. This lovely low maintenance shrub will provide with food during winter as well as decorate your garden. The most recommended varieties to grow are:

  • Lalandei
  • Mohave
  • Yukon Belle


2. Wintersweet

Winter Flowering Shrubs 2

In winter when most plants are dormant, this exotic shrub blooms beautifully releasing a refreshing fragrance. It also develops flowers that have outer yellow and inner red purplish petals. However, this shrub requires a shield from wind and sunlight exposure.



3. Higan Cherry

Winter Flowering Shrubs 3

This shrub is grown mainly or aesthetic purposes. It develops deep pink to pale pink. It can bloom in winter, fall, or spring depending on your climate. Higan Cherry is the sturdiest cherry plant and it can tolerate both coldness and heat.



4. Arrowwood ‘Dawn’

Winter Flowering Shrubs 4

This is one of the most beautiful winter flowering shrubs. It forms fragrant clustered pink flower from winter to early spring. These beautiful appealing flowers are followed up with blue, red, or black colored berries. This shrub is perfect to add beauty to any garden.


5. Witch Hazel

Winter Flowering Shrubs 5

This is one of the most exotic winter flowering shrubs. This shrub is distinguished by its unique shape and fragrant blooms in winter. This shrub is popular not only because of its lovely scent and unique shape but also for its highly valued medicinal uses that include treating insect bites and sunburns.


6. Clematis Jingle Bells

Winter Flowering Shrubs 6

This vine shrub is very popular and highly used in decorations. It features yellow petals with freckled red of nodding flowers that will definitely attract anyone’s attention in winter. This shrub is also considered one of the most pleasant smelling plants. It releases an extremely sweet scent that will enhance your mood.


7. Honeysuckle

Winter Flowering Shrubs 12

This is one of the most popular flowering winter shrubs. This popular shrub develops beautiful fragrant flowers that bloom from mid-winter and to mid-spring. Another reason to grow this plant is that it occasionally produces exotic red berries that will take your breath away.



8. Siberian Dogwood

Winter Flowering Shrubs 11

This low maintenance shrub shed all its leaves in winter leaving us to enjoy a spectacular view a glorious autumn shade.



9. Cold-Hardy Camellias

Winter Flowering Shrubs 10

It is name clearly suggests that this is one of the best winter flowering shrubs. This beautiful shrub blooms from fall to spring providing us with unparallel beauty. However, keep in mind that not all Camellias varieties are cold hardy. The best cold-hardy varieties are:

  • Polar Ice
  • Winter’s charm
  • Snow Flurry
  • Winter’s Hope
  • Winter’s Rose
  • Winter’s Star



10. Sweet Box

The sweet box is one of the most recommended shrubs to grow in gardens. This shrub that features evergreen foliage and honey-scented flowers is definitely worth growing.



11. Winter Daphne

Winter Flowering Shrubs 8

Daphne odora blooms from late winter to late spring spreading spread intoxicating fragrance. It also forms clusters of tubular flowers that looks astonishing with the dark green foliage. This shrub is commonly used to decorate patios and decks. It can be easily grown in containers.



12. Paperbush

This exceptional shrub develops huge clusters of tubular flowers in late winter to spring end. These flowers are canary colored and they have an extremely pleasant smell. This shrub is called paperbush because its bark is used to make high-quality pleasant smelling papers.



13. Mahonia Winter Sun

Winter Flowering Shrubs 13

Most plants are dull and dormant during winter and if you want to bring life to your garden, you should definitely grow mahonia winter sun. This evergreen shrub will look delightful in any garden in winter. This ornamental plant has a unique feature. It changes its color every season.



14. Winter Jasmine

Winter Flowering Shrubs 14

This is one of the most fabulous flowering winter shrubs. If you want your garden to stand out in winter, you should definitely grow this plant. It develops blooming white flowers that will give you a scenic view. This shrub is the ideal choice to brighten up your garden.


15. Winter Heath

Winter Flowering Shrubs 15

This shrub is widely used as a ground cover. This short small shrub blooms extensively in winter covering the whole foliage and providing a spectacular view. Besides, this shrub attracts bees and ladybugs.



16. Sky Pencil Holly

Winter Flowering Shrubs 16

Sky Pencil Holly is mainly grown in containers for aesthetic reasons. It is relatively tall. It can grow up to 3-5 meter (10-15 feet) in height. Grow it in containers to decorate your porches and entries.



17. Winter Aconite

Winter Flowering Shrubs 17

This is another shrub used to cover grounds. It is small and short. This shrub does not exceed 10 cm in height. Although it tolerates cold frost, it does tolerate extreme weather.


18. Winterberry

Winter Flowering Shrubs 18

This plant features bright red berries and glossy green foliage that look stunning in winter. This shrub is eye-catching and easy maintenance.


These are few of the best winter flowering shrubs. These shrubs are easy to grow and they will make your garden spectacular in winter. Besides, they are low-maintenance.



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