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19 Red Flags to Look Out for When Buying a Home

During an open house, people looking to buy a house try to get a feel for how well it fits their needs: Does it have enough bedrooms? Is there enough room in the kitchen? Need to update the bathrooms? But it’s important to remember that a house, which is the biggest investment most people will ever make, has to do more than just meet a list of requirements. It must also be in good condition.

To assist prospective buyers in determining the condition of a property, the standard listing contract includes a disclosure form on which the seller is required to list all known defects. But the seller might not know about all the problems, and some sellers might leave out problems on purpose in hopes that you won’t notice them.

To avoid having to pay for repairs you didn’t expect, click through to find out about some common warning signs that should make you think twice about buying.


1. Doors That Will Not Shut

When doors won’t close, it means that the framing members have moved and the door frame is now out of alignment. Some people may have had to cut a little off the top or bottom of the door to get it to close. So, if you see a door with a bit cut off the top or bottom, be careful. The door may close well, but the problem that caused it to move still exists.


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