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2-Minutes Basil Pruning Tips So It Grows Forever!

Here is a most comprehensive and detailed guide on 2-Minutes Basil Pruning Tips that will help you have a lush and bushy herb all year round!

Basil is mostly grown for its flavorful leaves, which can be utilized fresh or dried. There are different varieties of basil, with the most well-known being Sweet Basil, used to make heavenly pesto sauce. If you want to make sure that your plant stays lush and healthy, then follow these 2-Minutes Basil Pruning Tips.


1. Why is it Important to Prune Basil?

It might appear to be counterproductive to be cutting away when you need the plant to become denser.

However, pruning your basil plant in the best way can ensure a steady supply.

What is the Wrong Way to Prune Basil?

Before you learn how to prune the basil in the right manner, it is important to understand the wrong way to ensure you don’t end up harming the plant.

People always go for the bigger and biggest leaves they could find on the bottom of the stem and snip them away, which is absolutely wrong as they store the most nutrients and flavor. Avoid snipping the big leaves at the bottom, as they help the plant to absorb more sunlight.

They are also responsible for the plant’s nutrients supply. If you remove the bottom leaves, you will end up hurting and stunting the plant’s growth.

So, What’s the Right Way to Prune the Basil?

Now that you know about the wrong way let’s know about the right way to prune basil! The first thing that you need to keep in mind is to always prune the top leaves.

This creates two new branches, which ultimately grow new sets of leaves. When you prune them again, they grow another, and the process continues. This ensures that the plant keeps on growing new sets of branches and leaves, making it fuller and bushier.


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