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20 Beautiful DIY Christmas Decorations That Will Blow Your Mind

Christmas is on its way and preparing your outdoor for this great celebration is a “must do task”. Your garden and outdoor space are the most visible part of your place, thus, you should start thinking about decorating them. In order to inspire you, we have collected in this post 50 Christmas decorations that will adorn your outdoor space as well as blow your mind. Go ahead check them out and don’t miss these gorgeous decoration ideas.

  1.  Christmas Obelisk

50 beautiful Christmas decorations that will blow your mind

If you don’t have enough time to care for a real plant, you should definitely opt for this Christmas plant. It is easy to make and it is also inexpensive. All you need to create this adorable Christmas tree is a  wireframe, a pot, and some decorative lights.

2. Rustic Wooden Sign

If you are expecting visitors for Christmas, you should consider welcoming them with this amazing sign. You can draw anything you want on it. For Christmas, you can simply draw “Merry Christmas”.

3. Galvanized Buckets

If you want to display your porch beautifully for Christmas, you should add these amazing galvanized bucks. Fill them with greenery and draw some welcoming words such as ‘Joy’, ‘merry’, or ‘noel’.

4. Wrapped Pillars

This is one of the most elegant Christmas decorations. It is quite simple too. All it requires that you wrap garland around the columns of your porch. You can also add some lanterns on the steps to create a joyful look. Some planters next to the front door are a nice touch to make your decor more natural.

5. Large Christmas Lanterns

This is one of the most cheerful Christmas decorations. Besides these lanterns are small, they don’t require much space so you can place them anywhere you want. You can fill these lanterns with greens, burlap, or Christmas ornaments.

6. Wooden Christmas decorations

This is one of the best ways to decorate your outdoor in a natural way for Christmas. The wooden sign, the wrath, and the wooden bucket are a lovely combination. They will add charm to any outdoor space. They are attractive and alluring. Besides, they are also extremely cheap.

7. Mason Jar Lights

Image result for Mason Jar Lights

This is one of the simplest Christmas decorations. All it takes that you fill some mason jars with Christmas lights and hang them on your porch or garden. The best part about this DIY project is that you probably already have all the materials you need to make this decoration.

8. Classic Garland Christmas decoration

Green garland is beautiful and attractive. It is also fragrant. It will not only adorn your porch but it will make it smell fabulous too. You should embellish the garland with some Christmas lights and bows. This decoration is cheap and it is very eye-grabbing.

9. Twine Ball Wreath

This twine ball wreath looks absolutely stunning. If you are into recycling projects you will definitely love this DIY project. This wreath is made from twine and yarn which are probably in your possession already. It is quite simple and cheap.

10. Hanging Christmas Baskets

If you want to make your outdoor space sophisticated and remarkable, you should decorate it with some hanging baskets. Hanging baskets are extremely appealing and ornamental. If you want to explore some hanging baskets ideas, check out this post. 

However, not all plants grow in hanging baskets. Therefore, you should be careful which plant your grow. To learn which plants are best to grow in hanging baskets, you should read this article. 

11. DIY Rustic Painted Logs

This is one of the most entertaining DIY Christmas decorations. If you have kids, you should involve them in this project. They will love it. This DIY project is extremely cost effective since you will only need paint and some wood to create these logs. They are very cute and you can use them to decorate your garden yard or even your indoors.

12.  Firewood Bucket

This is one of the best Christmas decorations because this firewood bucket looks gorgeous at daytime and nighttime. You will need the following materials for this DIY project:

  • evergreen branches
  • cut firewood
  • string of lights

13. Grand Birch Branch

This is one of the showiest Christmas decorations. This decoration is suitable to adorn both your indoor and outdoor space. It is better to use a tall container for your greenery but even a normal container will do.

14. Bold Wreath Trio

This is an adorable way to decorate your front door for Christmas. These three wreaths are absolutely beautiful and eye-grabbing. These wreaths are not only suitable for Christmas but also for any other holiday. You can also use them to decorate your indoors. They will any room in your house appealing and joyful.

15. Rustic Wooden Snowman

All people want to decorate their houses with snowmen for Christmas, but not all people are lucky enough to live in an area where it snows in December. But that is not a problem, because you can have a wooden snowman. A wooden snowman is easy to make and it does not melt. We strongly suggest that you work on this DIY project, it will be worth your time.

16. Paper Snowflake Strings

Although they are simple, these Paper Snowflake Strings are alluring. They are also a reminder of good memories of our childhood.

17. Outdoor Stocking Display

This is one of the most creative DIY Christmas decorations. Perhaps the best part of this decoration is that it makes use of home materials. You will not need to buy any new items because you probably have everything you need to duplicate this decoration.

18. Christmas Trees in Olive Buckets

You don’t need a giant expensive Christmas tree to adorn your place for Christmas. You could instead buy miniature trees and plant them in buckets or pots. This way will not only save you money but it will also embellish your place in a unique way.

19. Elegant Porch

The first thing that your visitors will notice on Christmas is your porch. Therefore make sure that your outdoor space looks fabulous. This decorative idea, if you duplicate it, will definitely make your porch looks strikingly beautiful. Besides, it is quite simple and quite affordable.

20. Cozy outdoor

This decorative idea is perfect for Christmas spirit. This decoration creates an amazingly joyful and cheerful atmosphere. Besides, it consists of inexpensive materials. You can duplicate this decoration in no time.

These are the best DIY Christmas decorations. These decorations are beautiful appealing and most of all inexpensive. You won’t find any difficulties in making them. Merry Christmas


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