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2017’s trendiest garden path ideas: 15 astonishing garden paths

Undoubtedly, paths are essential for having a beautiful garden. They contribute a lot to the beauty of gardens by giving them new dimensions. A well-shaped beautiful path will make any garden look not only beautiful but also professional and well designed. Besides, they make taking care of your husband easier. If you wish to redecorate your path and give it a new look or to create a new path, these amazing trendy garden path ideas will definitely inspire you. Scroll down and check them out.

garden path

  • This alluring pathway is made with deep gray and blue colored stones and pebbles. This idea is one of the most decorative garden path ideas. It is original and unique. Besides, it definitely shows you have a great taste.


  • Japanese garden paths are absolutely astonishing. Just look at this one. This lovely path consists of rocks, colorful stones, and a small bridge. They complement each other in a very beautiful way. They make the place absolutely fascinating


  • This idea is one of the trendiest garden path ideas because it is very beautiful and simple. All you need to do is to pitch some round stones in your walkway and you will have this adorable pathway. It will give your garden a very nice look. Besides, you can draw on the stones and paint them too.

garden path 4

  • This is a very creative design worth the admiration. It is also inexpensive. It is made of symmetrical slabs organized in a seahorse-like shape. You can duplicate this design easily.


  • This is a classic design. Classic designs have a unique charm. They are very elegant and sophisticated. This pathway is made of pavers. Thus, it is very affordable.

garden pathway

  • If you want to add a vintage look to your garden, you should definitely duplicate this beautiful pathway. This great path is cost-effective. It is made of wooden planks which are very cheap materials. This garden path idea will definitely rend your garden mesmerizing.

garden pathway designing idea

  • Stones are one of the best materials to create a pathway not only because they are inexpensive but also because they are beautiful, decorative and sturdy. A stone pathway will last for decades adorning your garden.


  • White gravels and big round stones are a lovely garden path idea. Together, they will decorate your garden and make it stunning. Besides, they are easy to install. Once you have them, you can create this pathway in an evening.

thyme growing in pavers

  • This pathway is one of the most creative ones. Creating a pathway of stones and herbs is absolutely creative. It is also simple. The idea consists of building a pathway with stones then growing herbs in the empty gapes. This way, you will have a natural pathway.


This is definitely one of the most amazing DIY garden path ideas. It is honestly an admirable idea. It is not difficult to create a bottled pathway, you simply need to implant wine bottles upside down in the way. This idea will also allow you to choose the shape of your path.


For those who like vintage and classic designs, this pathway idea is perfect for you. It will give your hole garden a pleasant a rustic classic look. Although installing those natural stones is easy, collecting them needs some effort.

  • This is one of the simplest DIY garden path ideas. However, it needs some effort.  It consists of moving some big stones to your garden and implanting them in any shape you want. Stones are beautiful and ornamental. They will definitely make an adorable pathway.


This is a very embellishing pathway. It is beautiful and attractive. It will definitely make your garden very charming. This mosaic pathway will decorate your garden and make your whole outdoor space outstanding.  Besides its pleasant look, its wave style shape is totally creative and eye-grabbing.


  • If you have grass covering your garden, mow a pathway in any shape and style you want. This one, for example, has a beautiful wave style. It is simple, yet it is quite charming and appealing. You can duplicate it in your garden easily. It won’t take much time too.

garden path 15

This beautiful pathway idea consists of cutting slices of wood and implanting it in the ground in a wave style then surrounding it with stones. As you can see, this idea is worth investing your time in.

These are the most astonishing DIY garden path ideas. These ideas will definitely inspire to create an amazing yet inexpensive path.

Enjoy creating a new pathway!


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