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21 attractive yet inexpensive DIY garden privacy ideas

No matter how beautiful your garden is, you can’t enjoy its beauty unless you can enjoy your privacy when you are out there. Having a beautiful garden is always nice but you won’t be comfortable when your garden is exposed to your neighbors and passengers. Therefore, in this article, we aim at helping you make your garden more private by providing you with 26 attractive yet inexpensive DIY garden privacy ideas. Go ahead, scroll down and take a look, you will definitely love them.

1. Grow Potted Plants

This is one of the easiest DIY garden privacy ideas. This idea consists of growing bushy plants. Due to their bush, they are capable of covering your garden and outdoor space. Bushy plants are also very attractive thanks to their wide green foliage.

2. Build a privacy screen

This is a creative idea to give your garden some privacy and a new look. Although this idea will not make your whole garden private, it will shield your sitting area. This small fence is made from old windows and doors. It does not require many skills, just follow this tutorial.

3. Living Walls for Privacy

This is one of the most beautiful DIY garden privacy ideas. This idea will make your entire garden private besides it will also make your outdoor space fascinating and appealing. However, this fancy idea is not a low maintenance idea. This living fence requires constant care. For instructions, you should read this article and this post.

4. Grow Bamboos for Privacy

Bamboos are beautiful plants. They are distinguished by their remarkable pleasant look and lush greenery. Bamboos are low maintenance plants and they can be planted in pots or in the ground. To learn how to grow bamboos, we advise you to read this article.

5. Vines for DIY garden privacy ideas

Vines are an old-fashioned stylish choice to cover garden, balconies, and terraces. Vine plants are bushy and heavy enough to keep your outdoor space completely private.

6. Bamboo Screens for Privacy

This is one of the most effective DIY garden privacy ideas. This bamboo will make sure to keep eyes away from your garden and sitting area. Building this bamboo is not very difficult, just follow these steps and you will have it ready in a few days. However, you can also buy it if you are not into DIY projects.

7. Wood Privacy Wall

This is a pleasant idea. This wall is not only decorative but it is also effective. It will add so much beauty to your outdoor space while shielding you from prying eyes. Besides, you can make it more decorative by hanging pots on it. If you want to build this wood lattice, this video will show you how.

8. A DIY Garden Slat Wall

Image result for DIY garden Slat Wall

This is one of the easiest DIY projects. It is also one of the most inexpensive DIY garden privacy ideas. It is extremely easy to build this garden slat wall. For more information about, check out this post.

9. The Tin Wall Privacy Screen

A tin wall will be a nice addition to any garden. Besides providing you with the privacy you have been hoping for, it will also adorn your outdoor space and give it a contemporary look. All the details you need about this idea can be found here.

10. Grow Tall Ornamental Grasses

Image result for tall ornamental grasses


One of the best ways to cover your outdoor space is to grow decorative grass. There are are a lot of varieties of decorative grass, make sure you choose a tall variety.

11. Wattle Privacy Screen

This is an amazing idea. It is very creative and alluring. It consists of gathering twigs and branches to make this adorable privacy screen. This screen is beautiful and ornamental.  It has a very exceptional vintage style. All the instructions you need to build this screen are available at Apartment Therapy.

12. Privacy Curtains

This is a quite simple idea. If you think your outdoor space lacks privacy, you should seriously consider adding a curtain to it. Curtains are beautiful and colorful. They will definitely bring charm, beauty as well as privacy to your outdoor space. Besides, you can remove them whenever you want.

13. Vertical Garden Privacy Screen

This is one of the most flexible DIY garden privacy ideas. This idea will not only shield your garden but it will also allow you to plant more plants. If you wish to have this vertical garden privacy screen in your garden, all you need to do is to follow these instructions.

14. Repurpose old doors

Image result for Repurpose old doors


If you have certain DIY skills, you can easily transform old used doors into privacy screens. It is inexpensive and absolutely cost-effective. If you want to try it, check out these details and this information.

15. DIY Slat Screen

This DIY garden privacy idea will allow you to have a privacy screen that looks like an extension to your house. It will surround you small sitting area and shielded from the people and the sun. Visit The Brick House for more information about this idea.

16. Fabric Privacy Screen

This lovely amazing privacy screen requires some DIY skills. However, if you devote your time to it, you can have it. All you need to do is to follow these steps.

17. Wine bottles

Whether you like wine or not, you will definitely like this idea. Besides being creative and extremely cheap, it is also highly decorative. It will allow you to have a colorful unique privacy screen. This idea is easy to duplicate. However, it would require some of your time to collect wine bottles. Once you do, your mission is easy, all you need to do is to follow these instructions.

18. Jeans’ privacy screen

This is not a usual idea. It is a bit odd yet it is eye-grabbing. This idea consists of collecting old useless jeans then filling them with soil and planting them. Once they are planted, you can use them as a fence to cover the space you want to make it private. It is bizarre but it is creative and funny. For more information, check out this guide.

19. Wood and Aluminum Privacy Screen

This is a lovely contemporary privacy screen idea. This idea consists of holding aluminum sheets in a wooden frame. This project requires certain DIY skills. Visit Lowe’s.com for the tutorial.

20. Wooden Privacy Screen

This is one of the most appealing DIY garden privacy ideas. It is quite simple too. Building this wooden privacy screen is not very difficult. It only requires some of your time. Considering how beautiful and attractive it is, it is definitely worth investing your time in. If you are interested, here is the tutorial.

21. Use Faux Hedges

This is not a DIY project but it is quite affordable. These faux boxwood hedges will make your garden not only private but also extremely astonishing

These are the best DIY garden privacy ideas. These ideas will not only make your outdoor space private but they will also decorate. Besides, all of these ideas are affordable and easy to duplicate. Enjoy!!



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