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21 Of The Most Amazing Wedding Flowers You Should See

Flowers help you find the perfect look for your wedding. They are beautiful, attractive and most of all romantic. Therefore, weddings are decorated with flowers, brides and grooms carry flowers at their weddings. Thus, flowers are an essential part to complete any wedding. Therefore, in this article, we will display 21 of the most amazing wedding flowers. Scroll down and take a look, you will definitely love them.


  1. Levander

Wedding Flowers 1

Levander is one of the most beautiful flowering herbs. It belongs to the mint family. Many grooms carry Levander at their wedding. It is a stylish gesture. It will add elegance and handsomeness to your look.




2. Colorful bouquet

Wedding Flowers 2

This is one of the most beautiful wedding bouquets. This bouquet is very colorful and carrying it at your wedding will definitely add joy and delight to your look.



3. Silver Flowers

Wedding Flowers 3

A bouquet of silver flowers will look astonishing. It will complement your look and it will appear gorgeous especially if you are wearing a boho wedding dress. There are several silver flowers to choose from. It is up to you to decide which one suits your style.



4. Baby’s breath

Wedding Flowers 4

Baby’s breath is one of the most amazing wedding flowers. These cute flowers will match your wedding dress, figure, and style. They are terrific and attractive. Match them with a pink wedding dress and you will look super cute and charming.



5. Roses

Wedding Flowers 5

Roses are ideal accessories to add to your look at your wedding. They will make a sweet addition to your look whether you are a groom or a bride. Besides, they are also elegant and eye-grabbing. You should definitely consider adding a rose to your suit.



6. Baby’s breath with roses

Wedding Flowers 6

Baby’s breath and roses make a fabulous combination. You should try to combine them in one bouquet to carry at your wedding. These two types of flowers are so sweet and cute. They will show your femininity and girlish side.



7. Colorful roses bouquet

Wedding Flowers 7

This bouquet will certainly wow your guests. It contains different varieties of roses in different colors. The choice of roses is terrific. Going for matching colors such as purple, red, pink, etc is a smart idea. This bouquet is gorgeous and you can assemble it easily as these flowers are available year round.



8. White roses bouquet

Wedding Flowers 8

This is one of the most elegant wedding flowers. A bouquet of white roses looks chic and sweet. It will definitely compliment your white wedding dress.



9. Blue and white flowers

Wedding Flowers 9

Blue and white flowers stand beautifully together. They are absolutely adorable and they will definitely make an awesome bouquet to carry at the wedding ceremonies. Besides, assembling such a bouquet is quite cost-effective.



10. Baby’s breath and roses

Wedding Flowers 10

This is an amazing idea to complement your look at your wedding. Baby’s breath is one of the most popular wedding flowers. So are roses. Combine them together and you will have a fascinating book.


11. White silk flowers

Wedding Flowers 11

Silk flowers and artificial flowers look almost real. I am sure that at first glance you thought these are real flowers. Well, they are not. These flowers are faux flowers yet they look beautiful and alive. There are several realistic faux plants. In this article, you will find the most beautiful faux houseplants. 


12. Flower Bracelets

Wedding Flowers 12

This idea is totally creative. If you are into DIY projects and you want a unique and exceptional accessory for your wedding that will make you stand from the crowd, you should try to remake these flower bracelets. These bracelets are not only beautiful but they are also elegant and catchy.



13. Wild Flowers

Wedding Flowers 13

Wildflowers are beautiful and they are used to make flower crowns for hair. Wearing a flower crown at your wedding will add so much romance and cuteness to your look. If you want inspiration, check out these gorgeous hairstyles with a flower crown. 


14. Artificial flowers’ bouquet

Wedding Flowers 14

Artificial flowers especially if they are made of silk, look real. If you are allergic to flowers, this is your best solution. No one will ever know that you are carrying faux flowers.



15. Pink and White roses

Wedding Flowers 15

Pink and white flowers look gorgeous together. They are extremely fascinating and they will definitely make an adorable wedding bouquet.



16. Herbs

Wedding Flowers 16

If you think flowers are feminine and they don’t show your masculinity, go for herbs. You can create a herb bouquet from different herbs such as mint and adorn your look with it.



17. Flowers in lanterns

Wedding Flowers 17

If you want to add more romance and cuteness to the atmosphere, decorate your wedding with some flowers in lanterns. You can best the best decorative lantern ideas in this post. 



18. Bridesmaid Bouquet

Wedding Flowers 18

This bouquet is for bridesmaids. It is adorable and attractive. Standing next to the bride holding this bouquet will definitely draw attention to your look.



19.Silk roses

Wedding Flowers 19

This is another artificial bouquet that looks almost real. These silk roses are very beautiful and appealing. You will enjoy carrying them.



20. Gorgeous bouquet

Wedding Flowers 20

This bouquet is simply gorgeous. It is beautiful, cute and appealing. This wonderful bouquet will not only complement your look but it will also dimension to it.


21. Floral Wedding

Wedding Flowers 21

Q simple wedding can be magnificent. If you are planning on having your wedding in the open air, you only need a pergola and some flowers and you will have an astonishing wedding. Here you will find the best plants for pergolas. 


These are the most amazing wedding flowers. These flowers will add so much beauty not only for your wedding but also to your look. These flowers are widely available in stores and online. You can even mix some of them to create your own bouquet.



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