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22 Decorative succulent plants that can grow without sunlight

There is no dought that succulent plants are among the trendiest plants. They are ornamental, low maintenance and most of all they are easy to grow even if you were a beginner gardener. Most of the succulent plants require warmth and exposure to sunlight. But, there are some succulent plants that can grow in darkness. We have collected them in this article. Scroll down and check them out.

1. Snake Plant

What makes snake plants popular houseplants is the fact that they can grow and survive in dark spots. If you have a dark room in your place that you want to decorate with some nature, then a snake plant is an ideal choice. This low maintenance plant is very tough. It will survive the absence of sunlight and neglect. However, there are a few requirements you should fulfill which are:

  • Water it only when the top inch of the soil is dry
  • Grow it in a well-drained soil

2. Aloe

There are a lot of varieties of Aloe, but, no all of them can grow in shady spots. The varieties that can do well in darkness are soap aloe, aloe vera, and Krantz aloe. These varieties can grow and thrive in the dark especially if the weather is warm.

3. Zebra Cactus

This is one of the most beautiful succulent plants that can grow without sunlight. It is called zebra plant because its foliage has these remarkable stripes that look exactly like zebra stripes. This popular houseplant can grow indoors in shady spots, but, it can also grow outdoors in sunlight. It is a very sturdy and low maintenance plant. If you want to grow this unique cute plant, you should keep in mind the following:

  • It has a shallow root system, thus it requires a small container
  • It grows slowly, thus repotting may not be needed until it has been a long time since its planting
  • It can handle light sunlight exposure

4. Burro’s Tail

succulents for shade

Known also as donkey’s tail, it is a very attractive succulent plant with a unique shape. This plant is a very popular plant for hanging baskets. Its gray-green leaves look like a teardrop. They are very bright and attractive. Burri’s Tail grows in shades but morning sunlight can be good for it too. For growing this amazing succulent plants, you should keep in mind these two tips:

  • It has delicate leaves, don’t move it a lot or they will fall
  • It needs fertilizing. A balanced 10:10:10 fertilizer is highly recommended.

5. String of Bananas

indoor shade succulents

This succulent plant is distinguished by its banana-like leaves. It is an extremely ornamental plant. It is also a low maintenance plant. However, the string of bananas is poisonous for both humans and animals. Therefore, you should make sure to keep it away from your kids and pets. To learn more about toxic plants, check out this article.

6. Crown of Thorns

These plants although they can perfectly grow in shades and in darkness, it is advisable that you grow them in full sun. Why? because if you expose them to full sun, they will never stop blooming. They can survive in darkness but they will not flower. This is also a toxic plant so it is better to keep it out of reach.

7. Ponytail Palm

This plant goes with a lot of names including Ponytail palm or elephant’s foot. It does not belong to the palm family but rather to the succulent family. The ponytail palm is a very popular plant. It has an impressive eye-grabbing look. It is widely used a houseplant but it is also suitable to grow outdoors. It tolerates both sunlight and shades. For optimum growth, try to apply the following tips:

  • Don’t water this plant regularly, water it only when the soil is dry
  • If the climate is cool, it requires semi-shades.

8. Fox Tail Agave

shade tolerant succulents

Fox Tail Agave is commonly known as Lion’s Tail or Swan’s neck. It is beautiful and it has a charming structure of leaves in the form of a rosette. This plant tolerates well the shades. It is very strong and can survive a lot of poor conditions such as overwatering and underwatering. Foxtail agave is relatively a tall plant. It can grow up to 5 feet.

9. Bear Paws

This is one of the most charming and alluring succulent plants that can grow without sunlight. It is very decorative and it will add a lot of charm to your place. However, this plant can’t grow in total shade. It becomes week and leggy. Thus it is better to place in a partial shade.

10. Panda Plant

shade tolerant succulent

This plant has another funny name, it is called pussy’s ear.  It is extremely cute and it is adored by children due to its fuzzy and beautiful foliage. You can grow the panda plant indoors in the dark but this will prevent it from blooming. However, if you want it to bloom, you will need to provide it with a couple of hours of direct sunlight. Here are what you should know about this great plant:

  • It does not like frequent watering
  • It requires fertilizing once a month
  • It prefers average room temperature

11. Jade Plant

Widely known as the money plant, this beautiful succulent plant is very popular because it is believed that it brings wealth and money. It is also a low maintenance plant that does not require constant care and observation. Don’t water it frequently, it is a drought-tolerant plant that thrives best in dry conditions.

12. Flaming Katy

It is also known as Kalanchoe, it an extremely decorative plant that will definitely adorn your indoor. Although it grows in shades, exposing it to sunlight will make you enjoy its beautiful blooming. Kalanchoe loves warmth and it does not require regular watering.

13. Woodland Stonecrop

It is believed that this is the strongest plant on earth. It is called a stonecrop because it is argued that this plant is as sturdy as stones. It can tolerate basically everything. Stonecrop usually survives for a long time even when it is treated with neglect. It can grow in any condition including darkness.

14. String of Pearls

This trailing plant is perfect for hanging baskets. It is extremely alluring and it will definitely serve as the centerpiece of any room. It is among the most popular succulent plants. Just like the rest of the succulent family, it does not require much watering and much care.

15. Kiwi Aeonium

succulents that grow in shade

This is one of the most enchanting succulents plants. It is a very drought-tolerant which makes it perfect to grow in hot climates. It is also a popular choice for a rock garden. Kiwi Aeonium will definitely ameliorate the look of your indoor.

16. Spider Agave

This is one of the best darkness-tolerant succulent plants. It can also grow in partial shade. The spider agave is distinguished by its compact structure, arching form, spineless leaves, and low height. It is perfect to grow in containers.

17. Devil’s Backbone

shade succulents

This plant has so many common names including Redbird Flower, Buck Thorn, Christmas Candle, Jacob’s Ladder, Jew’s Slipper, Red Slipper Spurge, Redbird Cactus, Slipper Plant, Zig-Zag Plant. It grows up to 8 feet tall. Thus, if you want to grow it indoors, you will have to prune regularly in order to manage its size and maintain its attractive shape.

18. Wax Plant

This one of the most adorable climbing succulent plants. It is a very ornamental plant that will make in dark corner in your place bright. This lovely plant is also fragrant. It releases such a sweet scent.  It is essential that you keep this plant away from any direct sunlight. Sunlight is harmful to it.

19. String of Hearts

This is rosary vine. It is considered a semi-succulent plant. It is a remarkable and exceptional plant. This decorative plant is easy to grow. It will adorn your place without asking for anything in return but for a shady spot and careful watering.

20. Christmas Cactus

This blooming beautiful plant is highly decorative and attractive. It is able to bloom in sunlight and in a partial shade. Christmas cactus is one of the best succulent plants to decorate your house with. It is elegant, sophisticated and very catchy.

21. Easter Cactus

It belongs to the same family as Christmas cactus, this amazing plant is very ornamental and tough. It originates from Brazil. Easter Cactus is a blooming plant and it blooms in many different colors including shades of white, pink, peach, lavender, orange, and red. It also possesses a very unique foliage that makes really eye-grabbing. It is one of the best ways to add a pleasant view to your house.

22. Dutchman’s Pipe Cactus

This is one of the most exotic succulent plants that can grow without sunlight. It is an attractive plant that appeals to the eyes. It is popular in different parts of the world for different reasons. For example, in India, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka, it is popular because it has a religious significance.

These are the best shade-loving succulent plants. These plants are very decorative, easy to grow and most of all can grow without sunlight. They are fabulous houseplants that will decorate your place and make it much more alluring and eye-grabbing.



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