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25 Astonishing backyard ponds with waterfalls that will amaze you

Having a pond or a waterfall in your backyard is an extremely pleasant idea. Ponds and waterfalls are very beautiful and decorative. They are capable of totally transforming your backyard. However, there is something more alluring and more ornamental than having a pond or a waterfall which is having a pond with waterfall. In fact, why have only a pond or only a waterfall when you can have both?! In this post, we have rounded up 25 astonishing backyard ponds with waterfalls that will amaze you and inspire. Go ahead take a look and enjoy!

house with pond and waterfall

Ponds with waterfalls are absolutely amazing. They will not only decorate your backyard but they will also entertain you with their beauty, movement, sounds, and reflections. This pond, for example, makes this backyard fascinating and it serves as the centerpiece.

pond with waterfall feature

This is a picture of a pond with a waterfall in San Francisco. This adorable pond is the work of Rossington Architecture. It is perfect for small backyards. It is very ornamental and it is not expensive.

pond with statue water feature

This is both a pond and a wading pool. It is installed by Greater Detroit Landscape Co. It is very beautiful and attractive and it will definitely add so much charm to your backyard.

koi pond with waterfall

This pond is designed by Cadre Design & Development in Philadelphia. The whole design is made mainly from bricks which makes it an affordable design. If you like to give your backyard a European vintage look, then this design is right for you.

pond with waterfall design

This is one of the most appealing ponds with waterfalls. The landscape makes this human-made pond looks very natural. This gorgeous pond is one of  Acorn Ponds and Waterfalls‘ designs.

ponds with waterfalls

This pond design is suitable for people who have large backyards. It is quite large. This pond is 20 feet long, 15 feet wide and it is 4 feet deep. You will need around 5,000 gallons of water to fill it up. It is made by Rooms & Blooms. 

stone pond with waterfall

This is a gorgeous pond designed by King Landscaping . It is very attractive and ornamental. It will definitely add so much beauty to your backyard. Besides, it is made of stones which means it will blend in well with the nature in the backyard. Moreover, it is made of stones, stones are inexpensive which implies that this pond is budget-friendly.

ponds with waterfalls

Instead of saving your money to visit Venice, invest it in this pond to bring Venice to your backyard. This is one of the most exceptional ponds with waterfalls I have ever seen. This masterpiece is designed by Through the Garden.

pond with waterfall

This is another design of King Landscaping. It is a fascinating inexpensive design that will be a nice addition to any backyard.

pond and waterfall

Once I have seen this picture, I wished I had such a view in my living room. Thanks to Through the Garden, my wish can become true. This admirable design is perfect for large backyards.

pond with waterfall

Although this article is dedicated to backyard ponds with waterfalls, we couldn’t help but adding this front yard pond to it. It is so cute and charming. This picture is of a house in San Diego and this pond is designed by The Design Build Co.

waterfall and pond

This is one of the best designs of AquaLife Ponds. This design will allow you to have an extremely unique and pleasant view in your backyard.  Having such a pond will definitely make your backyard stunning.

koi pond

Having a pond with a waterfall is great but having a fish pond with a waterfall is even greater. This amazing pond is designed by Aquatic Habitats Ponds and Watergardens. It is inexpensive, natural and most of all it is extremely ornamental.

ponds with waterfalls

If you are into architecture, you will definitely love this pond. It is made of bricks and concrete which means that this pond is affordable. It is not big so it suits small backyards. For more information about this cute small pond, visit Through the Garden.

ponds with waterfalls

This is definitely one of the most charming ponds with waterfalls. This wonderful pond is one of Paradise Ponds and Waterfalls‘s best works. It is so appealing to the eye. This pond will make you enjoy every evening you spend in your backyard.

ponds with waterfalls

This is a fabulous pond design that will add so much life to your backyard. This pond is a great way to have an entertaining backyard. It is designed by Water by Design and it is one of the most cost-effective ponds with waterfalls.

ponds with waterfalls

This pond design will make sitting in your backyard feels like sitting in heaven. It is a breathtaking design that will make your backyard an astonishing space. This pond is the work of Signature Pond and Patio.

pond with waterfall

This is a DIY pond with a waterfall. In order to build this pond, you will need rock stones, statuary, and aqua plants. It will take you a bit of time to build this lovely pond but it is definitely worth investing your time in. It very beautiful and very decorative. It will completely transform your backyard into an enchanting space.

small pond with waterfall

If you have a limited space in your backyard, that is not an excuse for not having a pond. There are many ponds with waterfalls such as this one, that are perfectly suitable for small backyards. This splendid small pond is designed by King Landscaping.

pond with waterfall

Through the Garden created this amazing pond for us.  It is an amazing pond that will cover a lot of empty space in your backyard. What I like the post about this pond is that it is very colorful. It will bring a refreshing joyful atmosphere to your backyard.

angel statue in pond with waterfall

If you want to have a dramatic effect in your backyard, you should definitely opt for this pond design presented by Aquatic Habitats Ponds and Watergardens

ponds with waterfalls

This is the most inexpensive pond on this list. That does not mean that this pond is not beautiful. As you can obviously see, this cute small pond is very attractive and decorative. It is created by  West Coast Rock and Waterfall .

small pond with waterfall

This is one DIY pond with waterfalls that you will enjoy building. This pond, besides being easy to build, it is also budget-friendly. Yet, it is remarkably attractive and decorative.

pond in courtyard

This is a fancy pond that will make your backyard looks very sophisticated. It is also a bit expensive in comparison with other ponds on this list.

backyard pond with waterfall

If you are looking for a cheap, easily installed pond, then this DIY pond is what you have been looking for. It is really inexpensive and you don’t need any skills to build it.

These are the most fascinating ponds with waterfalls. These ponds will definitely make your garden an extremely relaxing and beautiful space. Some of these ponds are DIY, but most of them require that you hire the designer. However, they are all affordable.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at these designs, share them with your friends to show us your support.


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