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25 Fascinating Mediterranean Pool Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

Installing a pool in your outdoor space is an excellent idea. First, it will adorn your place and add beauty to it. Second, a pool is entertaining. You can take a swim to relax and have fun whenever you want. If you are looking for a fabulous pool idea, you will definitely find it in this article. It contains 25 Fascinating Mediterranean Pool Ideas. Scroll down and check them out.

  1. Landscape pool Design

kathryn ireland home in santa monica

This is an alluring yet simple pool design. Every part of this pool design looks authentic. It is colorful and it gives a feeling of peace.

2. Courtyard Pool

mediterranean pool

If you have a country yard, you should definitely opt for this pool design. It is not only relaxing but it is also ornamental.

3. Small Mediterranean Pool

mediterranean pool ideas

Having a small yard does not mean that you should not have a pool. There are many small pool ideas that can fit into your small yard. This pool idea, for example, is perfect for tiny yards.

4. Pool With Fire Pit

mediterranean pool ideas

This is a great pool idea for large outdoors. This pool is very stylish and it is distinguished by a series of playful elements. It contains:

  • fountains
  • urns
  • sculpture
  • armillary

5. Private country yard pool

mediterranean pool

This is one of the most pleasant pool ideas. This idea, although it is a bit expensive, it will provide you with an extremely amazing pool that will adorn your outdoor space and make it absolutely remarkable.

6. Mediterranean pool idea

mediterranean style pool

This is one of the most alluring Mediterranean pool ideas. It features flagstone, terracotta, and a vine-covered pergola. This design is adorable and sturdy. It will last for decades.

7. Tiny Mediterranean pool

mediterranean pool ideas

All you need to make this tiny pool is some small stacked stone. They are installed in varying levels making this design very exceptional and attractive. The best feature of this design is that although it is tiny, it looks big and does not look overcrowded.

8. Provencal Pool

provencal swimming pool

This an outstanding pool design. Together with that outdoor garden, they make an absolutely beautiful view. The pool is quite simple and it won’t cost much. The main element of the garden are:

  • decomposed granite
  • lavender
  • linear garden beds


9. Wine Country Pool

mediterranean pool design

Looking at this view every time you step outdoor will definitely help you live a happy stressless life. Besides being absolutely charming an eye-grabbing, this design contains outdoor storage to store your gardening tools and a small kitchen to prepare snacks and drinks.

10. Hill Country Pool

mediterranean pool designs

Most of us can only dream of having this gorgeous house but many of us can afford to build this nice pool.  It is very attractive and ornamental.

11. Madrid style pool

mediterranean swimming pool

This is one of the most elegant pool ideas. This pool is not only elegant but it is also sophisticated. It will definitely embellish your outdoor space and make it outstanding. This pool is in Madrid and it is designed by Etno Design Marbella.

12. Freeform Pool

overhead view of pool

This is one of the most beautiful pool ideas. This design is marvelous. It is beautiful, attractive and most of all it looks very unique. It contains a dining area, a sitting area, and a fire pit. This design is expensive but it worth investing your money in.

13. Chic Mediterranean Pool

mediterranean pool

This is one of the most old-fashioned pool ideas. Although pool idea is traditional, it remains extremely ornamental. Besides, this pool is quite cost-effective as it is made of:

  • wide jars
  • earth tones
  • flagstone
  • stacked stone
  • fountains
  • small well-pruned trees
  • shrubs in pots

14. Crete style pool

mediterranean pools

We found this pool on one of the fancy houses on the island of Crete. Although not so many people can afford this pool design, it remains one of the most inspirational pool ideas. This pool is not only beautiful but it is also authentic and unique.

15. Spanish Bungalow

mediterranean pool

This Spanish Bungalow does not require much space. Although it looks large and big, it is not. In fact, it is built on a small lot.

16. Stone Wall pool

mediterranean pool

This pool is designed by  Neolithic Designs.  It will adorn your outdoor space as well as protect your privacy.  This pool design is a bit expensive but highly recommended as it is fabulous.

17. Landscaping pool

mediterranean pool design

This pool is amazing. It is calm, warm and inviting. It will help you relax and relieve your stress. Besides, it creates a joyful outdoor atmosphere. AMS Landscape Design Studios is the creator of this design.

18. Narrow Mediterranean Pool

mediterranean pool design

Neolithic Designs built this amazing pool. At first glance, it looks large but in fact it quite small. It is perfect for small yards. This design is modern and contemporary thus it is perfect for cities.

19. Wide pool

mediterranean pool design

This amazing pool idea is brought to you by AMS Landscape Design Studios. This idea consists of a low, wide planter as a focal point near the pool.

20. Mediterranean Pool with a fountain

mediterranean pool

Lewis-Aquatech always gives us the best pool ideas. This pool idea is one of them. The fountain adds beauty, charm, and sophistication to this pool. This design is based on a classic pool shape, brick, planters, and pruned arborvitae.

21. California Style pool

mediterranean pool

This pool idea will transform your outdoor space into a classy European landscape design.

22. Old-fashioned pool ideas

mediterranean pool

This is an ideal pool design that is perfect for large outdoors. It will cover a vast proportion of your empty outdoor space turning it into an extremely amazing water feature.

23. Pool House

mediterranean pool design

Bill Bocken Architecture and Interior Design designed this piece of art. This crystal pure pool design will make your outdoor space magnificent. What makes this design exceptional is that the pool so is clear and pure that it reflects the house on the surface creating a uniquely fascinating view.

24. Provencal Farmhouse

mediterranean pool

This is one of the most remarkable pool designs. It is terrific.

25. Small and Formal

rectangular pool

This is one of the most expensive pool designs. Only a few people can afford this design. However, you can duplicate it if you have good DIY skills. You will need:

  • fountains
  • flagstone
  •  fountains
  • columnar trees
  • pavers with groundcover
  • stacked stone

These are the best Mediterranean Pool Ideas. These pools are different and vary in terms of size and cost. However, they will make your outdoor space fascinating.  If you wish to see amazing DIY pools, check out this post. 


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