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28 Astonishing Pink Houseplants To Add Cuteness To Any Indoor Space

Pink is one of the most favored colors not only because it is cute and attractive but also brings feelings of inner peace, harmony, affection, and love. This is the kind of atmosphere pink houseplants bring in.

In this article we have gathered 28 astonishing Pink Houseplants to Add Cuteness to Any Indoor Space. These indoor plants are pretty and ornamental. Imagine how cute it would be to have a gorgeous pink houseplant in one of your house corners.

Pink Jelly Bean

We placed this plant on the top of the list for several reasons. First, it is one of the fewest entirely pink plants. Second, it looks cute and it has a tiny size that is suitable for small spaces. Last but not least, its spiral fleshy leaves are simply magical.

Rose Painted Calathea

One of the most beautiful pink houseplants, the beauty of this plant lies in its breath-taking foliage patterned with Fushia pink and green broad leaves. There are several varieties of this plant and all are excellent houseplants. 

Syngonium Pink Neon

A very eye drawing plant. This plant is very spectacular. It has amazing heart shaped pink leaves that look absolutely adorable. Also, it is air purifying. The Syngonium Pink Neon is a tough plant that can adapt to different conditions so you can grow it in port or hanging basket. 

Anthurium Tickled Pink

Tickeled Pink is one of the most beautiful Anthurium varieties. The amazing variety blooms in rich pink-magenta hues with dark purple edges that mature in a beautiful shade of fluorescent pink.

Pink Arrowhead Plant

Arrohead plants are popular houseplants for their beautiful shape and tough nature. The plants have a variety that looks pink due to its light green leaves and bright pink veins.

Calico Kitten

Calico Kitten is one of the cutest houseplants on the list. Its colorful heart shaped small foliage is adorable and it comes mostly in pink and in shades of yellow, purple, and cream. If you want it to grow totally in pink, keep it stressed.

Pink Nerve Plant

Definitely astonishing, mosaic plant is a very popular indoor plant. Widely used as an ornamental plant due to its small size that makes it a perfect choice for small containers. The plant features veined green leaves with a structure like a mosaic.

Pink Princess

The princess is naturally green but it offers attractive bright and dark pink variegation. The plant can be grown in hanging basket in the middle of the room becoming a centerpiece.

 Pink Wandering Jew Plant

The plant looks stunning with its bright green leaf surface striped in cream, white, and dark-pink. It will also produce pink and purple flowers. Besides its beauty, the plant is also low maintenance making it a popular choice for a lot of people.

Boat Lily

This plant is the right choice for people who love plants with thick foliage. The plant forms attractive thick foliage striped in cream with white outsides. The underside foliage of this plant is pink and it is a total stun.

Pink Polka Dot Plant

It got its name from the unique polka dots it has on its leaves. The leaves come in shades of green, pink, orange, and yellow. The plant is very colorful and it will bright up its surroundings.

Earth Star

The mesmerizing plant is loved for its star like foliage. The foliage comes in a variety of shades such as pink, white, green, and bright red. However, the plant will look pink from a distance and once you come close you will notice the shades.

Pink Chaos Coleus

Known for its chaotic shape, the plant comes in bright green in pink. It requires sunlight to grow therefore it is a great choice for balconies or windows.

Pink Mother of Millions

This unique plant is definitely one of the most astonishing Pink Houseplants to Add Cuteness to Any Indoor Space. Its uniqueness lies in its unusual foliage that grows pink butterfly-like plantlets.

Six Angled Kalanchoe

Another small sized cute indoor plant that will be a lovely addition to any house. The leaves come in three variegations which are dark red, green, and pink.

Pretty Pink Caladium

I believe this is the most beautiful and astonishing pink houseplant on the list. Pretty Pink Caladium is a unique plant in the shape and look. 

Christmas Carol

Succulents are popular house plants as they come in different shapes, they’re tough and they require little care. If you’re a succulent and pink lover, then you found what you’re looking for.

Aglaonema Pink anyamanee

This is the most popular Chinese houseplant. It is well deserved. The plant is very appealing. It has terrific dark green leaves variegated with pretty bright pink hues.

Pink Symphony

The Pink Symphony is another plant with unique shape and color. Its beauty lies in its bright pink large leaves. The plant loves the sun but it will grow in partial shade.

Snow White Waffle Plant

There is no doubt that the Snow-White Waffle Plant is one of the prettiest pink houseplants. The plant features catchy foliage with a pink-purple metallic color. The plant becomes even prettier when it blooms in white.

Imperial Red Philodendron

An absolute charm, that is what this plant is. Known for its dark green coppery leaves variegated in pink, white, and black.

 Beleaf Begonia

The heart shaped leaved and the dark pink color of this variety of Begonia make it look like a fairy tale plant. If you want to show off your houseplant, this is a magnificent choice.

Perle Von Nurnberg

Most people say this the most beautiful variety of the Echeveria. The leaves edges are pink giving the whole plant a pleasant bright pink view.

Madagascar Dragon Tree

The plant features green tall leaves tinted with dark pink. It is a recommended choice for beginners as Madagascar Dragon Tree is a very strong plant that can endure drought, low light, and poor growing conditions.

Pink Rubber Plant

With its classy stand, medium height and eye drawing dark green leaves variegated in pink, yellow, cream, and red. When it’s exposed to bright light, it looks like a rainbow.

Variegated Pink Croton

Definitely deserves to be on the list of the most Astonishing Pink Houseplants to Add Cuteness to Any Indoor Space, this fancy plant is mostly used to decorate hotels, palaces, and government offices.

Tricolor Stromanthe

Tricolor Stromanthe is popular for its breath-taking green leaves variegated in shades of red and pink. Besides its unique look, it has a unique magical feature, the plant looks different from every angle.

Variegated Kalanchoe

This flowering plant has shades of pink on the backside of its leaves. If you stress it, the color may spread to the outsiders of the leaves.

Final Words

These are the best 31 astonishing pink houseplants to add cuteness to any indoor space. Please share with us your favorite and let us know why.


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