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29 Decorative Shade loving Ground Covers

Covering a shady space in the garden could be challenging as not all ground covers can grow in shades. Also, not all ground covers are decorative and can be used to decorate an outdoor shady space.

In this article, we have collected the most decorative shade loving ground covers. These ground covers attractive, require very little care, and most of all, they can grow without direct sunlight. Please go ahead and discover these amazing ground covers.

Blue Lily Turf

If you want to give your shady space an eye-catching purple color, then the Lily Turf is what you need. With purple flowers and a height that does not exceed 12 inches, it makes the perfect choice to decorate paths and shady spots.

Spotted Dead-nettle

If you ‘re a green lover then this the ideal plant to use to cover the shady ground in your garden. This is an ever-green ground cover that will give your garden an astonishing view. The plant produces flowers in different colors varying from lovely pink, white, to purple.

Common Periwinkle

This is one of the best flowering ground covers. The plant can adapt to any quality of soil making growing it is easy. However, it is invasive and requires control.

Creeping Saxifrage

This is one of the most effective ground covers as it will completely cover the spot you plant in creating a carpet of round-shaped, silver-veined leaves with red edges. Adding to it the asymmetrical white flowers, the ground cover will give a stunning view

Wild Ginger

Another low care ground cover that can grow in all quality of soils and in shades. This ground cover is short, it does not exceed 2-4 inch. It is known for its attractive green heavy foliage and wide leaves.


With the ability to spread fast in large space, you only need to plant a few of these plants to cover your shady ground. Keep a space of 10 inches between each plant and they will cover the whole ground with their dark green foliage and colorful flowers.

Variegated Ground Ivy

If you’re an evergreen lover, you should definitely consider growing Variegated Ground Ivy. The below picture describes the beauty of this plant as a ground cover:

Creeping Jenny

Evergreens are a terrific choice to cover shady ground. Creeping Jenny is another example of a beautiful naturel carpet. As you can see in the below picture, this lime green carpet is breath taking.

Blue Star Creeper

This plant belongs to the family of herbs. It has dark green leaves and purple flowers. It will beautiful in any garden space.


Hosta is the right choice if you want a fancy decoration for your shaded ground. It is one of the most Decorative Shade loving Ground Covers. The plant has many varieties and each is distinguished by the color of leaves.


Bunch berry is one of most beautiful dogwoods. Its length that does not exceed 9 inches makes a good choice for a ground cover. When it flowers, you will enjoy an amazing view, just like the below one:

Carpet Box

This is one of the most popular ground covers in Japan where they’re fond of evergreen natural views. There 5 varieties of this plant and each grow up to a different level of height. Your preference will determine the variety.

Yellow Archangel

This is the best choice if you want to cover the shady ground in your garden asap. Yellow Archangel is one of the fastest growing Shade loving Ground Covers. It has silver-green leaves, produces yellow flowers and reaches 12 inches height.

Christmas Ferns

If you want to impress, then grow this plant in thick masses and you will have wonderful natural sight in your garden. This is the tallest decorative shade loving ground cover in the list, it grows up to 2 feet.


This would have been my choice as a ground cover, it is short growing up to a maximum of 2 inches, it grows aggressively, and most of all, it is one of most effective plants to keep away mosquitoes.

Wandering Jew

You can grow Wandering Jew as long as you’re ready to keep pruning it and controlling its spread otherwise you will find it covering more than you wish. Besides, that, you won’t need anything else to use this plant as a ground cover.


This is another tall ground cover that has many varieties. This variety in the picture is known as Bishop’s hat. We also recommend Rose Queen as these two varieties can grow in complete shade. The other verities will need partial sun light exposure.

Creeping Liriope

This ground cover is also categorized as invasive plant. It spread rapidly and grows up to 20 inches. It is used to decorate large grounds.


Bugleweed is an excellent choice to draw a decorative purple carpet in any space at your garden whether it receives sunlight or not. This weed is very recommended, it is short and very attractive. Look how cute it looks in the following picture:

Wild Geranium

An evergreen with pink flowers that grows up to 20 inches. A choice that will add a lot of brightness to your garden.

Golden Star Grass

This yellow grass is also another fabulous choice to add brightness to your garden. It is known for its green foliage and elegant white flowers. Most of us have seen at least once decorating a path or a side walk in parks.

Golden Sweet Flag

Unlike the other ground covers we have selected for you; this one requires care. It needs regular watering and if it is not getting any sunlight, then you will need to apply fertilization as it usually grows in full sun.

Purple Heart

Purple Heart as an astonishing ground cover that will add a lot of beauty to any shady space in your garden. Best of all, you can grow this plant in sunlight too. One of its common uses is to cover barriers and fences.

Ornamental Sweet Potato

Another shade loving ground cover with low growth requirements. It does not only tolerate shade but also drought and poor-quality soil. Whenever you plant it, this ground cover will grow fast with no care at all.

Leatherwood Fern

Better known as marginal shield fern, it grows up to 20 inches tall and its leaves also known as fronds, grow up to 5-8 inches wide.

Lenten Rose

Besides regular careful watering, this beautiful ground cover will grow anywhere in sunlight or without sunlight.

White Inside-Out Flower

Although grows well in both shady and sunny spots, this ground cover is a good choice if you have moist soil. When it matures, it will reach 16 inches forming pale green leaflets with tiny white blooms in early summer.

Wild Ginger

For foliage lovers, this is another low care ground cover that produces evergreen foliage on the shape of spheres.

Cuban Oregano

Cubano oregano is the ultimate choice on the list. First, it is very beautiful and attractive. Second, it requires little or no care at all depending on the quality of soil. Third, its fragrant leaves will keep mosquito away.

Final Words

These are the best decorative shade loving ground covers. These plants require low care, can endure different growing conditions and most of all ornamental. Now that you have come to the end of the article, please let us know in the below comments if you have further queries.


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