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3 Body Odors You Should Never Ignore

Diabetic patients should take care to control their condition by adherence to dietary and exercise guidelines as well as any prescription medications. It will lessen the toll the illness takes on your body.

However, if your diabetes isn’t well controlled, your blood sugar could climb to potentially fatal levels. Strange bodily odors, especially on the breath, can be a sign of high blood sugar.

It is critical to recognize these symptoms and get prompt medical attention. It’s important to keep an eye on your blood sugar levels since untreated diabetes can lead to serious complications including amputations and strokes.


1. How does diabetes cause body odor?

One of the dangerous consequences of diabetes is ketoacidosis. When the body doesn’t produce enough insulin, blood sugar can’t enter cells to be used as fuel, leading to this complication of diabetes. The breakdown of fat in the liver results in the production of ketones, which are acids used for fuel. Ketones in the blood and urine can reach potentially lethal concentrations if they are produced at too high a rate. This process takes place within the liver and results in an acidic blood state.

There are three primary breath odors that might result from this illness. This indicates toxicity. These odors emerge as ketones exit the body via breath and sweat.


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