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3 Easy, Low-Cost Ways to Recharge Your Garden Soil This Fall

Incorporating only commercial fertilizers into a garden may improve nutrient levels, but it will not improve the soil’s overall quality. On the contrary, it can have opposite effect. It may lead to soil with poor structure, which calls for even more fertilizer the next year to achieve the same outcomes.

Nonetheless, there are a few simple and inexpensive strategies to naturally energize your soil. Moreover, they also serve to keep it safe all winter long. In the process, you replenish your soil’s supply of essential nutrients and strengthen its foundation.

Here, we will go through not one, but three simple and inexpensive ways to revitalize your soil.


1. Adding Compost To Your Garden

Compost is ideal for creating fertile, long-lasting soil. Like a balanced diet benefits the human body, compost helps the soil thrive.

Introducing a wide variety of beneficial organisms, nutrients, and organic matter helps soil recover and thrives. And it’s all in a form that plants can quickly and easily use.

The soil’s ability to absorb and hold water for the plant’s roots is also enhanced by the addition of compost. The benefits of this for vegetable plants during the summer heat can be substantial.

How should you apply compost to your garden in the fall? It really depends on how much compost you have on hand.

Composting In The Garden

To improve the soil quality, incorporate compost into the top inch or two of soil in each planting bed. In order to get the best results from our fall cover crop, do this right before planting. It improves the cover crop’s germination and adds tremendous fertility to the garden. Leaves or a cover can prevent winter erosion of garden compost in the absence of a cover crop.

In a raised-row garden, valuable resources like compost are used only where they are most effective, rather than spread out across the entire garden.

It is possible to buy compost in bags or in bulk if you don’t have time to build your own or don’t have access to a large enough supply. The autumn is a great time to begin composting at home if you haven’t already.

You may make compost out of a wide variety of wonderful materials and have it ready to spread on your rows by the time you’re ready to plant in the late spring. And it’s not hard to build a compost container of your own design.

Attractive compost bins can be made with ease from simple 2×6 lumber

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