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3 Easy Tricks to Attract Ladybugs in Your Garden & Tips to Keep Them!

For pest management, allow them into your yard, and say goodbye to chemical pesticides.

These tiny insects, often known as ladybirds, are easily recognized by their bright orange-red colour and tiny black dots. Some species have no spots, while others are entirely black or black with red spots.

They are valuable to gardeners because aphids are their favorite meal. These squishy bugs hinder plant growth and interfere with fruit set by sucking plant juices from vulnerable portions of the plant like growing tips and emerging buds.

Ladybugs and their larvae feed on a variety of insects in addition to aphids. Pests include Colorado potato beetle’s eggs and larvae, as well as mealybugs and spider mites.

How To Attract Ladybugs To Your Garden?

2. Grow aphid-prone plants

Roses are notorious for attracting aphids. Another pair of ornamentals that are susceptible to significant infestations are nasturtium and pot marigold.

Aphids are drawn to vegetables such as cabbage and lettuce as well as fruits such as apples and oranges. The ladybugs will thank you if you plant a few of these in your garden.

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