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3 Simple Secrets to Keep Your Mums Blooming Longer This Fall!

If you want to decorate your home for fall, flowering mums are a must-have. However, wouldn’t it be amazing if you could extend the blooming period of these plants for as long as possible?

Mums, or Chrysanthemums to use their proper name, may be quite expensive. Sadly, it appears that their price increases year after year.

With this in mind, it is in the best interest of every gardener to maximize their “bloom” for their investment. Here are three easy tips for extending the life of your autumn mums and their stunning blossoms.


1. Purchase Wisely At First

Getting the most out of your mum plants starts right when you buy them at the store.

Unfortunately, you shouldn’t bring home mums whose blossoms have already opened. In fact, if they are in their peak of bloom, they may only have two weeks or so left of vibrant color.

If you need them right away for a display, that could be perfect. However, you should avoid purchasing these plants if you want your mums to last for at least a month.

Mums in any stage of bloom, even those sold in stores, should be avoided. Find plants that are bursting with buds but haven’t bloomed yet. It’s ideal if the bud is as compact as possible.

The next two secrets will help you get the most out of your mums’ current stage of development, and they will also help them last longer.

And when shopping for mums, keep in mind that it’s best to choose the kind that can be planted and enjoyed year after year.

Choose mums with blooms that have not yet bloomed. These are your best bet for ensuring that your fall foliage stays vibrant right through to the end of the season.

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