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4 easy steps to create a concrete edge planter

Concrete edge planters are perfect for yards. Besides being ornamental, they are sturdy, they will last for decades. They are also flexible. You can manage their size and shape. They are perfect for both large and limited outdoor space. It is easy to create a concrete edge planter. It is also inexpensive since concrete is cheap. Moreover, concrete edge planters are perfect to grow all types of plants whether they are decorative or edible. If you want to build a beautiful concrete edge planter, you should follow the below steps.

1. Required materials

Concrete Edge Planter

All the materials you need to create a concrete edge planter are concrete edgers, Concrete block adhesive, Concrete steps, and Topsoil. These materials are extremely inexpensive and widely available. Once you purchase these materials, you should follow the below steps.

2. Step one

First of all, you sould combine the materials together to see whether or not they fit. Try to create the design you wish to have without gluing the pieces together. This is not an essential step but it is highly recommended.

3. Step two

Concrete Edge Planter

You should assemble the edger pieces by applying a concrete block adhesive to the end of each piece. You should make sure that all corners are well stuck together. You could choose the shape you want. The rectangular shape is the easiest but the square shape is the most decorative.

4. Step 3

Concrete Edge Planter

This step is easy. All you need to do is to apply adhesive along the bottom of the edgers before adhering the concrete steps. Let it dry for at least 24 hours then you can turn the planter over.

5. Step 4

Concrete Edge Planter

Your planter is easy and all you have to do now is to fill it with the topsoil. Then, plant your favorite flours and plants.

These are the easiest steps to create a concrete edge planter. Follow these steps and you will have an amazing edge planter in no time. Enjoy!


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