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4 Excellent Ways To Keep Your Fall Harvest Fresh

When you’ve put in all the effort to grow a crop—from planting to watering to weeding to mulching to pest control to harvesting—you don’t want any of it to go to waste.

After all, it would be a shame to end the growing season with wasted vegetables after all your hard work. You may be wondering what to do with 30 pounds of cucumbers and baskets of dill now that harvest time is approaching.

Don’t worry; we’ve compiled four excellent methods for preserving your harvest to see you through the cold season.


1. Canning & Pickling

The perfect combo: dills and cucumbers. Definitely. A crisp pickle may come to mind when you hear this combination. Peppers, cauliflower, carrots, cabbage, and so on are only a few of the many veggies that benefit from being pickled for later use.

The practice of preserving large quantities of vegetables by packing them in jars with vinegar, salt, and herbs dates back to at least 2030 BCE. The process of canning, on the other hand, is a modern one that just emerged in the 1700s.

Canning is a fantastic method for preserving a wide variety of foods, from jams and jellies to soups and stews. In this way, you can store food for a long time without worrying about it going bad before you can eat it.

Both of these methods are easy enough that anyone can learn them with some research and practice.

Canning and Pickling

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