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4 Excellent Ways To Keep Your Fall Harvest Fresh

When you’ve put in all the effort to grow a crop—from planting to watering to weeding to mulching to pest control to harvesting—you don’t want any of it to go to waste.

After all, it would be a shame to end the growing season with wasted vegetables after all your hard work. You may be wondering what to do with 30 pounds of cucumbers and baskets of dill now that harvest time is approaching.

Don’t worry; we’ve compiled four excellent methods for preserving your harvest to see you through the cold season.

2. Freezing

The common belief that frozen food is of lower quality has contributed to freezing’s negative reputation. This may be the case sometimes, but you can use the ways in which fresh produce responds to freezing to your advantage and store away any surplus for later.

Some vegetables, in fact, taste better after being frozen if they aren’t consumed right away. This is true for peas which might lose their sweetness and flavor if not consumed straight after. Strawberries, greens, carrots, herbs, and many other foods can all benefit from being frozen.

Freezing carrots

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