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40 Easy Ways to Stay Cozy Indoors Without the Heat

It is crucial to determine whether or not more heating is necessary before making any efforts to provide it.

The first step in saving energy is to think about how you can keep your house warm without turning up the heat or adding more wood to the fire.

Regardless of the outside temperature, use these easy methods for keeping warm inside.


1. Keep Yourself Warm Without Heating Your Home

  • Wear a sweater or several thin layers. (Wool and other natural fibers are excellent for retaining heat. Make sure the options you pick come from a reliable, cruelty-free, and ecologically-friendly source.
  • Put on some thick socks or soft slippers to wear about the house to keep your feet warm.
  • Do some physical activity to keep the blood pumping.
  • Use the heat produced while cooking to your advantage. (For instance, after using the oven, you can prop open the door to release some of the residual heat into the surrounding area.)
  • Keep your body fueled and heated by eating nutritious, filling meals.
  • Make use of blankets and throws to create a cozy atmosphere in your home by doubling up on bedding and using them as throws around the living area.
  • If you want to get some rest in bed or elsewhere in the house, try using a hot water bottle to give localized heat.
  • Use an old bed warmer to warm up your sheets.
  • Use hand warmers to keep your hands warm.
  • Invite some people over. (The increased body heat will help warm the room.)
  • Get a pet. (Their own heat will assist, too.)

Inevitably, there may be occasions when supplementary heating is called for.

However, putting into practice the aforementioned ideas and tactics could assist lessen the frequency and duration of energy expenditure needed to keep a home warm.

The use of passive solar design features can help you keep your home warm during the winter.

Passive solar architecture is another method to lessen your reliance on energy sources and keep your house warm throughout the year.


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