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45 Useful Ways to Put Wood Ash to Work Around the House and Yard

During the winter months, cleaning out the wood stove becomes a regular occurrence if it is used as the primary heating source.

You’ll soon be emptying your ashtray once or twice a week.

Where, though? Where does one put that much ash?

Let’s help you get rid of some of those buckets of gray powdery waste. Even if you only implement some of these recommendations, you should have a much smaller pile of ashes to deal with in the spring.


1. Safety First

Be aware that chemically treated wood, including pressure treated, stained, or painted wood, is not suitable for burning and is therefore not included in this list. If you wouldn’t roast a hot dog over the fire it came from, you shouldn’t be using it in your home.

Ash made from softwoods, such as pine, is softer than ash made from hardwoods, although softwoods tend to have more nutrients.

Burning embers can maintain their high temperatures for several days. When using wood ash around the house, wait until it has cooled fully.

Wear protective gloves when handling wood ash because it contains acids. Take considerable caution while making or using lye from wood ash, as it is also caustic and can cause severe burns if handled improperly.


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