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5 Effective Exercises to Reduce Double Chin and Neck Fat

The double chin is one of the hardest parts of the body because everyone can see it and you can’t hide it with necklaces or makeup. But you can get rid of your double chin in other ways that don’t involve surgery or magic creams.

There are, luckily, very specific exercises that can get rid of a double chin and neck fat. If you do these simple exercises, your face will look thinner from any angle.

Check out these five exercises that have been shown to tighten and tone the area around the chin. To warm up, move your chin back and forth a few times.


1. Spoon

Every step must be done slowly so that the right muscles in the chin are used.
So let’s start off with this easy exercise:

  • First, open your mouth wide and then pull your lower lip back, as if you wanted to cover your lower teeth.
  • Finally, close your mouth by keeping the lower lip in place while moving the jaw forward slightly.
    Before you move on to the next exercise, let your muscles relax. Open and slowly close your mouth to relax your jaw.

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