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5 Effective Natural Ways to Get Rid of Slugs

Slugs have the potential to wreak havoc and inflict catastrophic harm to a wide variety of plants that are found in landscapes. They show no compassion in their voracious appetites, devouring anything from vulnerable young vegetable plants to annual flowers, perennial plants, and more.

The good news is that there are 5 easy natural therapies you may use to reduce their number and damage.

2. Copper Strips / Tape

Copper is an effective slug deterrent, but the exact mechanism through which it acts is still a mystery. It’s possible that the slugs’ slippery outer skin is what’s causing the copper toxicity.

However, for some reason, it works quite well at deterring slugs from eating your plants. It is very effective in keeping slugs at bay around new vegetable plants.

Copper collars around the base of plants are an effective way to keep pests away. Slugs can’t reach the base of the plants, thus they can’t get a lift to the top for dinner.


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