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5 Exercises to tighten sagging breasts: that actually work

Sagging breasts, as explained by the Mayo Clinic, result from the skin losing its elasticity. Age, smoking, pregnancy, and excess body fat are just some of the many potential causes of sagging breasts.

In addition to the surgery itself, there are additional methods for addressing this issue. We’ve got 5 simple moves that will help you tone and raise those breasts in today’s article.



Assume a position on all fours, with your hands a few centimeters apart and your shoulders aligned.

Shoulders and ankles should be in a straight line.

Keep your abs clenched as tightly as you can.

The goal is to get as low as possible without touching the ground with your chest while keeping your elbows tucked in close to your torso.

Pause and go back to the beginning pose.

Complete 20 reps.


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