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Do You Suffer from Back Fat? Get Rid of the Bra Bulge Using These 5 Pilates Moves

Because all women wear bras, the appearance of this unsightly bulge is natural.

It occurs when the elastic wraps around our torso. To avoid the appearance of a bulge, you should focus on workouts that target the upper back and shoulders to burn excess fat.

If you already have it, our upper back workout will help you. This workout will tone your muscles, removing the bulge.


1. Up & Down Plank (12 reps*side)

Begin in a plank position, with wrists under shoulders and feet hip-width apart.

Bend your left arm and place your left elbow on the mat, followed by your right arm and right elbow on the mat.

Place your left hand on the mat, straighten your left arm, and then straighten your right arm.

Change sides and repeat the up and down movement until the set is finished.


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