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Top 5 Stretching Exercises for Better Flexibility

Stretching calms the body and makes it healthier. It also improves circulation, corrects posture, tightens the skin, and makes you feel lighter and more free to move.

Luckily, it’s not hard to become more flexible and mobile. It just takes a little time. Try adding some of the following stretches to your routine to help relieve muscle tension and increase your range of motion so you can move around more freely.


1. Strech the back of thigh

Starting position: straighten the right knee, lift the toe, tilt the body, extend the chin, and place the hands on the floor.

Roll over: each movement should be done on an exhalation. Pull your chin out farther and lean toward your right leg to move your body forward. Shift your weight onto your right foot, from the heel to the toe. Bend your left leg forward, lift your foot off the floor, and place it on half toe. Slowly return back to the starting position. Do eight wiggles, hold for eight seconds, then move to the other side and start over.


  • Don’t bend your knees, or the line will break and your muscles won’t stretch (if you can’t, put anything on the floor and put your hands on it).
  • Don’t bend your lumbar spine. Instead, bend your knees and feel the front of your thigh stretch.
  • Don’t tuck your chin in; maximum extension helps the lumbar spine bend properly

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