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Top 6 At-Home Anti-Aging Workouts That Really Work

Time is a very cruel master. We lose a lot of time as it goes on, including our innocence, carefree days, and, last but not least, our youth and energy. Even though science has come a long way, we still haven’t figured out how to turn back time, especially when it comes to the damage it does to our skin.

As sad as that sounds, don’t worry, because we took it upon ourselves to find a few do-it-yourself ways to keep your face firm, wrinkle-free, and unaffected by the cruel hands of time. We have a list of exercises that will help you get older in a healthy way. You can do them at home, and they will be more effective than buying a dozen expensive anti-aging creams. What do these moves do? Let’s find out by reading on.


1. Face Massage

It is said to be both very relaxing and good for the blood flow in your face. Face massage also tones the muscles in your face, which keeps wrinkles from showing up. Wash your hands and face before you do this exercise. Then, start massaging your face by moving your fingers from the bottom of your forehead to the top, toward your hairline.

You can also massage your head by making circles with your fingertips. After that, move to your cheeks and pat them in the direction of your temples. To see results, you need to do this about 20 times, twice or three times a week.


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