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6 Effective Toothpaste Uses In Garden

Check out some crazy, yet useful Toothpaste Uses in Garden and Home that can help you in a lot of ways! We have included the best ones!

Your home is surprisingly full of useful things that can come in handy in the garden and toothpaste is one of them! Sounds weird? Well, it’s not! Have a look at these Toothpaste Uses in Garden and Home!

2. Pest Control

Pests in the garden can be driven away by the flavor and odor of toothpaste. To protect your plants, just use a pea-sized amount of toothpaste and draw a circle around them. Slugs and other slithering pests won’t be able to make the crossing.

The strong odor of toothpaste is offensive to insects like ants, which further deters them.

Pest Control

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