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The Best 6 Exercises for Bigger and Fuller Breasts

Every woman wants bigger, firmer breasts. This changes the way her body looks and makes her more attractive. In general, the size of your breasts is based on a number of things, such as your lifestyle and body weight. But there is always a way to make it better by doing exercises that build strength. Exercises that work the pecs, back, and shoulders can help firm and tone the breast tissue, make the breasts look fuller, and improve posture.

Here are six exercises you can do to make your breasts bigger:


1. Knee to elbow plank

First, get into a traditional plank position with your forearms on the ground and your body straight.

Then, bring your left knee to your left elbow, and then go back to plank position. Then, do it again, but this time bring your right knee to your right elbow.

Repeat 15 times.


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