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6 Ways to Use Cinnamon in Your Garden

Cinnamon is highly used in kitchens. However, its uses are not limited to kitchens. Cinnamon can be used in gardens too. In fact, using it in your garden has many benefits. Many expert gardeners argue that using Cinnamon in gardens is one factor that contributes to having a healthy garden.

Therefore, in this post, we will show you how you can use it to improve the health and the productivity of your garden.

3. Deter Ants

Cinnamon Uses in the Garden 4

Ants, whether they are in your garden or in your house, can be very disturbing. They can feed on your plants and the severely minimize the real estate value of your place. However, getting rid of them is easy. You don’t have to hire professionals, Cinnamon is more inexpensive and honestly more effective. Spread cinnamon where they live, they really hate the smell and they will leave your property or garden.

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