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6 Tips For Making Beautiful Peony Bouquets

6 Tips For Making Beautiful Peony Bouquets
Bouquet of peonies associated with the foliage of a Eucalyptus parviflora .

The peony is one of my little spring pleasures. What a joy to come back from the garden with an armful of multicolored flowers to make bouquets. In good conditions, they last a few days in the vase , 5 days at most, but are of incomparable charm and generosity. Today I give you my tips for making beautiful peony bouquets!

1/ Choose your peonies while they are still in buds , very round, not too closed. The buds will bloom in a vase and you will enjoy them for longer.

6 Tips For Making Beautiful Peony Bouquets
Peony bud slightly open, it will bloom in a vase.

2/ Remove the leaves on the bottom of the stem , they should not be soaked in water.

3/ Cut the stems at an angle with sharp scissors to optimize their hydration.

4/ Peonies need a lot of water : it is therefore necessary to fill the vase well and possibly add a pinch of baking soda.

5/ Renew the water and cut the stem a little every day .

6/ Place the bouquet in a cool place , away from direct sunlight.

The peony is a self-sufficient flower. To make a bouquet, you can either use it alone or mix different colors. You can also mix it with other flowers: baby’s breath, lilac, astilbes, wild chervil ( Anthriscus sylvestris ), small-flowered roses , lady’s mantle, Smyrnium perfoliatum , spirea branches or even fern fronds or eucalyptus stems. Let your imagination be free !

6 Tips For Making Beautiful Peony Bouquets
Examples of happy marriages: pink peony with Alchemilla mollis (left) and with Smyrnium perfoliatum (right).

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