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7 Effective Milk Uses In The Garden

Milk Isn’t Just For Food. Here Are 7 Reasons To Use It In Your Garden

7 Effective Milk Uses In The Garden

The milk you drink might be the key to a healthier life for your plants. Whether this sounds logical or crazy, keep reading to find out why!

Milk acts as a fertilizer

7 Effective Milk Uses In The Garden

Milk is a great way to make sure your plants are getting all the calcium they need and protection from bugs.

The sugars in milk also help yield healthier crops, so even if you’re not drinking it yourself help your plants!

Milk can disinfect

When you want to disinfect your garden pruners, milk is always a great option.

It can be used as an antiseptic for those spots that are in direct sunlight and need some extra attention from the ground up!

Milk can prevent fungus

7 Effective Milk Uses In The Garden

To fight fungus disease, apply watered-down milk to the surface of your plants every 10 days.

Combine 1 part of milk with 2-3 parts water and spray this on leaves for best results!

Milk improves the health of your soil

Powdered or liquid, pouring it on top of soil is a great way for the gardener who wants healthier plants and cleaner smells

Protect your tomatoes

7 Effective Milk Uses In The Garden

Mix 1 part skim milk with 9 parts of water to keep diseases away from your tomatoes. Spray this on the plants every few weeks for best results!

Milk can deter some insects

Cows milk is the best way to keep pesky bugs at bay. Just make sure you use whole, unprocessed dairy for maximum results!

Milk and Molasses

Tired of weeds? Mix some molasses with milk! The power of these two ingredients will keep your garden free from those pesky plants.


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