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7 Gadgets Every Backyard Chicken Owner Should Have

Once you experience the joy and satisfaction that comes from raising chickens, you’ll want to do everything you can to make the experience even better for the chickens and yourself.

Investing in some of these chicken gadgets will make raising chickens a more pleasurable, less taxing, and more relaxing experience, allowing you to spend more time with your flock. Also, you can use many of those same tools on your ducks or quail.


1. Water Fount Base Heater

Living in a cold climate means dealing with frozen and thawed chicken water multiple times daily.

Investing in a water heater will solve this problem.

This tool has been indispensable, making the winters much more bearable for yourself and your flock.

Using a water base heater is a risk-free and simple way to prevent the chicken water fountain from freezing over during the winter. Without a central heating system, you will need to remove the ice from the water fount multiple times daily or replace it with a new one.

Water Fount Base Heater

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